Friday, 21 August 2015

Rewards after A Spanking - Chance makes good on a promise #SatSpanks Saturday Spankings

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Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  My teaser today is from my western romance The Rancher's Woman.   Set in the small Wyoming town of Hope Junction, The Rancher's Woman is Tessa and Chance's love story. Tessa has just moved to town to start a new business and Chance is the local rancher who falls for her.  After Chance takes Tessa across his knee for the first time, even though they were both aroused, he tells her the rule is no satisfaction right after a punishment.  However, he promises to pleasure her some later.  Later that night after some sexy dancing, he takes her down by the river to make good on his promise. When he firmly caresses her still tender bottom it is a total turn on for Tessa.

     Tessa was amazed at the eroticism of the sensation. Not only did the sting and ache heighten the pleasure in her pussy and breasts, but the memory of his decisive action and her feeling of helplessness across his knee combined to shoot swift spasms through her body. Tessa arched and clenched as the waves of pleasure flowed through her, bringing her to a wonderful, slow-building haze. 
     “Sweet Jesus, Therese Marie, your gorgeous body sings at my touch.” Chance’s voice was thick with desire and longing in her ear, “A tannin’ across my knee might not be pleasant, but it sure does bring some rewards, sweetheart.” Punctuating this with a rough clutching of her tender bottom, he slipped both hands down the back of her jeans and panties to cup her bare cheeks. Tessa moaned at the fiery pleasure of his touch, but also in protest at his abandoning of her swelling clit and pulsing mound. She soon settled down when his hands on her bare buttocks raised her to fit snugly against his throbbing erection. 

Everyone in town knows sparks of attraction have been flying between Tessa and Chance almost from the moment her nursery business brought her to beautiful Hope Junction, Wyoming.  Despite his bossy ways, Tessa soon begins to realize that Chance might well be the man she’s been waiting for her whole life. Will Chance’s decision to take her in hand tear them apart or will Tessa learn to see his discipline as proof of the love they will share for the rest of their lives?

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Gotta love my new hot cover for from my best selling Her Keeper.
Look out for sales coming up to celebrate going wide. Here's a teaser -  Detective Rick Andrews and Prosecuting Attorney Sara Michael's have had an ongoing feud for eight years ever since Rick spanked Sara publicly on the day they met at a freshman frat party. She's never forgiven him for humiliating her, but she has also harbored secret desires for his bossy yet caring ways.  Rick shares her feelings, but refuses to act on them because he thinks Sara is too independent and bull headed.  When he arrests her for speeding, his concern for her safety breaks through his reserve.  

 He punctuates his lecture with light, stingy slaps to the lower, curved sit spot of each of my bottom cheeks, “You’ve a truly beautiful ass, Sara, and believe me you’re not easy to resist.”
 Despite his clearly stated appreciation of my ass and my supposed irresistibility, he's not diverted from his purpose.  He alternates slaps to my sit spots, as well as peppering up and down the swell of my cheeks.  His lecture continues in a firm, low tone just loud enough to be heard above the sounds of the firm smacks,  “You’re risking your safety with your reckless attitude as well as your reckless driving.”
The sting and slow rhythm of his hand and voice builds a burn, inside as well as out.  The skin on my bottom is tight and sore.  It overrides my desire a second time and I start to feel like that naughty little girl all over again.  The emotion feeds a desire that transcends sex, a secret, deep-seated need that craves someone to watch over and take care of me - to protect me from danger, especially the danger I create for myself.


The feud between Detective Rick Andrews and Sara Michael's is legendary and no one ever wants to stand in the line of fire when they go at it.   Despite the feud, everyone knows Rick and Sara fell in love in love the day they met.  Only they just keep making war not love. During a roadside arrest, Rick finally takes Sara in hand. The HOT encounter includes frisking, spanking, cuffing and later a shattering first kiss. Rick thought Sara was too independent to submit to a 24/7 domestic discipline arrangement, but once he sees her submissive side, he commits to taking her in hand with strict discipline as well as his own brand of dominant lovemaking. Can Sara defer to his discipline and can Rick learn to rule her in a way she can accept?