Saturday, 2 April 2016

Her Forbidden Spring - You've Been a Very Naughty Girl, Professor. #satspanks

Hi All!
Welcome to the first Saturday Spankings of April 2016 and the first bloghop I've been on for a while! Good to be back. My teaser today is from my soon to be published short story, Her Forbidden Spring. It's a short story that's evolved from a 2000 word story I penned for The End of Summer Spanks. The story created interest in the couple then with suggestions to expand it. I decided to do that as I think the couple in the story, Marcie and Troy, have a great dynamic with strong chemistry. 

At this point in the story, Marcie is unbalanced by Troy's unexpected presence in her college seminar. She thought she seen the last of him when she gave him the slip at the archaeological dig in Mexico where they worked together over the winter. She's decided that their relationship must remain a fling and is doing her best to resist her deeper feelings.Troy has no intention of permitting that. He's transferred to the college where she teaches and has turned the tables on her by attending as a new student in her seminar class. The teaser begins at the end of the class after the other students have left and Marcie and Troy are alone in her classroom. Leaving Professor  Marcia Reynolds to deal with a lover who has unexpectedly become her student.

      Professor Reynold’s throat tightened when said student quietly closed the door and locked it. Leaning against the dark wood, he pushed back a stray lock of his thick, golden hair still streaked from the Mexican sun. Slouching his tall frame, he crossed his arms over his lean muscular chest. A chest she’d been running her fingers over only ten days before. 
      Shifting in her seat, Marcie tried to ignore the hammering of her pulse and the clench in her buttocks the strict, reprimanding look in those achingly familiar, sky blue eyes aroused in her. 
     Those feelings had no place back in her professional reality. She was the authority here. 
    Wasn't she?

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  1. Love how she's so certain, and then questions her own reality. So, who is really in charge? Great snippet, Helen.

  2. Nothing is more intriguing than the dance between two powerful people. Awesome.

  3. Oh, I just love how the tables are turned here as the true dominant makes his presence known. Wonderful snippet!

  4. Great story setup!!! I can imagine her dismay when her summer flings shows up as her student!