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Rewards after A Spanking - Chance makes good on a promise #SatSpanks Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  My teaser today is from my western romance A Done Deal. Set in the small Wyoming town of Hope Junction, A Done Deal was previously published as The Rancher's Woman. Tessa has just moved to town to start a new business and Chance is the local rancher who falls for her.  After Chance takes Tessa across his knee for the first time, even though they were both aroused, he tells her the rule is no satisfaction right after a punishment.  However, he promises to pleasure her some later.  Later that night after some sexy dancing, he takes her down by the river to make good on his promise. When he firmly caresses her still tender bottom it is a total turn on for Tessa.

     Tessa was amazed at the eroticism of the sensation. Not only did the sting and ache heighten the pleasure, but the memory of his decisive action and her feeling of helplessness across his knee combined to shoot swift spasms through her body. Tessa arched and clenched as the waves of pleasure flowed through her, bringing her to a wonderful, slow-building haze. 
     “Sweet Jesus, Therese Marie, your gorgeous body sings at my touch.” Chance’s voice was thick with desire and longing in her ear, “A tannin’ across my knee might not be pleasant, but it sure does bring some rewards, sweetheart.” Punctuating this with a rough clutching of her tender bottom, he slipped both hands down the back of her jeans and panties to cup her bare cheeks. Tessa moaned at the fiery pleasure of his touch, but also in protest at his abandoning of her swelling clit and pulsing mound. She soon settled down when his hands on her bare buttocks raised her to fit snugly against his throbbing erection. 

Tessa doesn't feel abandoned for long as you can read in the extended extract below the links list


"Way I see it, you and me... we're a done deal."

Chance Williams determination is more than Tessa Anderson bargains for when she moves to Hope Junction, Wyoming. Sure, she's attracted to the tall handsome rancher, but she's thinking just some romance and a bit of sexy fun. She isn't looking to fall in love.  She's especially not looking to fall in love with a man who has ideas as old fashioned as Chance's.  Ideas that include a protective streak a mile long. Not to mention a firm hand he's not afraid to use. And, oh yeah - a ring on her finger.

Tessa's firmly fixed on launching her new herb and seed business. The little bungalow she rents from Chance is perfect for her new venture. When an unexplained fire and strange goings on at the property start to threaten her success and maybe even her safety, Tessa has to come to terms with her wayward desires and her hesitant heart.

She might just have to accept that Chance is right about them.

They're a done deal.


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Extended Extract

The owner of the bar, the actual Jolene, picked up the microphone and asked for everyone’s attention. “Howdy, folks. Hope you’re all having your usual good time here at my little place. Tonight I’ve somethin’ a little different for you. Friend of mine’s visiting from Casper and she convinced me that you good people of Hope Junction would just love Latin dancing. She and her partner are kind enough to offer us a demonstration and a quick intro lesson. Now, I’m not stupid. I know most of you men are just holdin’ your tongues on account of she’s my guest, but you keep an open mind, now.”
There was a ripple of laughter and a few hoots as Jolene plugged an iPod into the sound system and the room filled with the sizzle and sway of Latin dance music.

“Oh, salsa. I love Latin dancing and music.” Tessa looked up at Chance with a beaming glow as she began to keep time with the rhythm and move her feet in a few steps.

“Well. Lookie here. We got ourselves a little lady who knows the steps already. That right, Tessa?” Tessa stopped moving and colored as all the attention of the bar turned to her after Jolene’s observation.

“Um, yeah a little, I guess.” She looked up at Chance pleadingly, her natural shyness overtaking her.
“Hey there, Jolene. Quit picking on my girl and just get this demonstration up and runnin’.” Chance laughed good-naturedly.

“Sure thing, Chance, but I reckon you and Tessa’ll be one of the first couples up for the intro lesson.” She winked and then added to Tessa, “Get working on him, girl. If you can persuade Chance Williams to move to Latin, we can get the rest of the men up here. That right, boys?”

There were more catcalls, hoots, and grumbling from the men with laughter from the women and then the lights were dimmed. A showy couple in a bright Latin dancing outfit paraded onto the floor. They were a splendid sight blazing into the little saloon, causing a hush to fall over the room. The couple created such an exciting spectacle of color and movement that Chance found himself swaying a little. A fact he didn’t cotton on to until Tessa bumped hips with him saucily. He looked down to see her eyes alight with teasing and excitement. Guess her enjoyment of the dance was chasing away her shyness. He liked that, the way she lost her reserve and was caught up in the action of the moment.
The dance ended and there was an outburst of applause. The couple bowed showily, the man twirling the woman from side to side as they acknowledged the crowd’s praise. 

The lights went up and Jolene stepped forward. “Alright then, who’s up for givin’ it a try? Tessa? Chance? What do ya say?”
Chance took in Tessa’s look mixed with pleading and challenge. Groaning, he listened to the Saturday night crowd’s hoots and hollers. Damn! He was screwed.

 Tessa listened to the crowd egging Chance on and gave him her best come-on stare. Her heart and pulse thrummed excitedly as she watched him lose the battle with his reluctance. Shaking his head in capitulation, he offered her his hand. She took it as he led her out to the dance floor. At that, a mixture of shouts and groans went up from the room as a number of women dragged their men out to follow Chance and Tessa’s example.

Once they got into the lesson, Tessa was pleased, but not surprised to learn that Chance was an excellent lead and picked up the instructions easily. Dancing with him was far more enjoyable and exciting than when she took lessons before. It was only a few simple moves, but Tessa could feel her whole body heat as he held her close in the Latin dance clinch. Every time they went from open to closed hold, the more apparent it became that he was finding the moves just as arousing as she was. By the time the lesson came to an end, Tessa was in a high state of sexual tension.

“Well, folks, hope you enjoyed that enough to sign up for lessons. If we get enough takers, Ricardo and Gena will come up from Casper a couple of times a week. We’ll have Hope Junction swayin’ to the Latin rhythm in no time. Signup’s over there.”

Tessa stood a little dazedly watching as a number of couples crowded round the signup table. Not surprising. The instructors were good. They’d cleverly demonstrated all the sexy but easy parts of the dance as a great introduction.

“What’d you say, hon? Reckon you can handle me steppin’ on your feet twice a week? Will we sign up?”
Trying to snap out of the erotic haze induced by the aftermath of the arousing dance in his arms, she nodded. “I’d love that, Chance.” Her breath came out in a breathy, husky whisper and she couldn’t help shamelessly rubbing against him.

Not missing the desire behind her movements, Chance drew her closer, murmuring in her hair. “We can sign up later. Let’s you and me take a breath of air, Therese Marie. Reckon I owe you somethin’. Got a promise to make good on.”

Tessa’s heart hammered, her stomach flipping; the desire in the look he threw her was unmistakable as he put his hand at the small of her back to usher her outside. Leading her out through the crush of the crowd, he told her in a husky, desire-laden drawl, “Let’s head to the river. It’s real pretty at night.”
Jolene’s place sat on a lot not far from the swift running water and they made their way in promise-laden silence along the path beside it. Fed by the distant mountains, its soft, rushing sound echoed through the thick of the night. The dark velvet sky was speckled with luminous points of radiance while the crescent moon cast a tender glow. Tessa bit her lip and swallowed when Chance headed for a secluded spot. Further into the trees past the initial trail, it was deserted and inviting.

Easing her against a wide-trunked tree, he pressed his aroused body sweetly into her. “Mmm, you feel so soft and hot, sweetheart.” Both his hands slid round to cup her buttocks as he asked her in soft, low growl, “How’s your bottom, hon? Still sore?”

Tessa moaned in a mix of hot passion and mortification. “Chance, how can you ask that! It’s too embarrassing. Besides, you know it must be.”

Chance chuckled. “Good. Reckon you’ll think twice before you push me again now you know how I’ll deal with your misbehavin’ streak.”

He massaged her cheeks the whole time he said this, making Tessa squirm and slowly hump brazenly against him in an unbearably hot arousal. “Don’t worry, I won’t ever push you like that again. No way am I giving you a reason to dish out another spanking!”

“That so? Guess you’re plannin’ on being real good then, ‘cause believe you me, missy, you act up and you’ll get your sweet butt roasted and I won’t be so lenient next time. Understood?”

Tessa could hardly believe that his disciplinary talk was making her nipples peak like hard little pebbles. What about her independent woman, feminist card, damn it! Tessa was too far gone to care. She pushed her buttocks into his hands, murmuring and moaning, rotating her body in frustrated need, taking a perverse pleasure in the fiery feeling in her still warm backside that was spreading between her thighs.

“Oh, God, Chance, please!”

“Please? Oh, yeah, I’m gonna please. I promised you I would. So you just lean back and let me do that.”

Chance took her chin gently in his large hand and turned her face up to his. Beginning at her hairline, he slowly trailed his lips and tongue down one side of her face to her ear. Inserting his tongue, he circled it in a wet full claiming. Tessa groaned into him. Her ears were particularly sensitive erogenous zones and his expert tasting made her knees buckle. Catching her, he supported her, slipping both hands back under her ass cheeks to lift her and fit her snugly against his hard, hot erection.

Shifting his attention to her other ear, he filled it with wet tongue and then growled into it. “See what you do to me, babe? I reckon you’re gonna drive me crazy with frustration while we’re courting. I won’t be so cruel to you. If I recall rightly, I promised you some pleasuring if you were good. I reckon you’ve been real good. You want me to pleasure you, Therese Marie?”

Tessa whimpered and moaned desperately, “God, yes, Chance. You know I do.”

Chance slipped her slowly back down to stand her on wobbly legs. Holding her steady, he eased his knee between her thighs, supporting her with his own. Sliding his hands up, he took both breasts, squeezing and fondling them exquisitely, his thumbs teasing her nipples to fullness. While his hands worked her roundness, his lips paid attention to her mouth. Taking one lip at time, he nibbled each in turn to a wet plumpness before easing his tongue slowly and sensually between them.

Meeting his tongue, Tessa eased into the kiss while squirming in delight at his caresses to her upper body. He slowly drew his mouth from her own, his lips traveling to nibble her neck, pushing aside her collar to suck at her shoulder seductively.

“Hmmm… Oh, that’s lovely, Chance,” Tessa muttered her appreciation, squirming in sensual delight at the feel of his mouth on her skin and his hands on her breasts through her soft cotton blouse and silky bra. His touch sent her aflame even through the material. God, how amazing was it going to feel when his hands were caressing her bare flesh. Tessa squirmed even more at the thought, her pelvis clenching, her clit swelling in eagerness at his sensual stroking of her womanly breasts. Shamelessly, she arched into his hands, desperate for his touch in other places as well. Chance responded to her need, trailing his hand down her belly, lingering to knead her mound forcefully with his large palm before expertly locating her clit area with his fingers through her jeans.

Tessa gasped, amazed that her nub could feel so good from his caresses through the thick material. Waves of pleasure weakened her. His other hand left her breast to cup her bottom, pulling her hard against him, the friction of his broad chest stimulating her nipples and burgeoning breasts. His hands worked their magic on her lower half while his mouth moved higher to nip and suck her neck just behind her ear. His hand on her bottom was forceful and firm, reviving the burn and throb from his vigorous chastisement. Tessa was amazed at the eroticism of the sensation. Not only did the sting and ache heighten the pleasure, but the memory of his decisive action and her feeling of helplessness across his knee combined to shoot swift spasms through her body. Tessa arched and clenched as the waves of pleasure flowed through her, bringing her to a wonderful, slow-building haze.

“Sweet Jesus, Therese Marie, your gorgeous body sings at my touch.” Chance’s voice was thick with desire and longing in her ear. “A tannin’ across my knee might not be pleasant, but it sure does bring some rewards, sweetheart.” Punctuating this with a rough clutching of her tender bottom, he slipped both hands down the back of her jeans and panties to cup her bare cheeks. Tessa moaned at the fiery pleasure of his touch, but also in protest at his abandoning of her swelling clit and pulsing mound. She soon settled down when his hands on her bare buttocks raised her to fit snugly against his throbbing erection. Rotating firmly against her, his movements brought them both erotic pleasure, as he molded her to him, easing her gently against the tree.

Through the haze of desire, Tessa became acutely aware of the scent and sounds around her. The thick aroma of the pine tree at her back, the sound of the rushing water, and the muted movements and calls of the wild creatures in the semi-wilderness just beyond. She clutched at Chance, one hand gripping his hair, the other seizing the material of his shirt at his broad shoulder. The feel of his hands on the bare flesh of her backside along with the throbbing of his hard-on against her thickly clothed clit was sweetly intense. She rotated against him rhythmically, her breath coming in gasps. “Oh, God, Chance. I’m going to come just like this. Oh, oh, oh…”

Chance matched her movements, his voice a deep, sexual sound washing over her. “I hope so, babe, that’s the plan. Let yourself go and come real nice for me.”

At his coaxing command, Tessa’s body clutched and convulsed, her body swept up in waves of long, slow, climatic pleasure. Gripping his hair and digging her nails in his shoulder, she heard her own voice moan deeply in release as her body surrendered to orgasm.

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Gotta love my new hot cover for from my best selling Her Keeper.
Look out for sales coming up to celebrate going wide. Here's a teaser -  Detective Rick Andrews and Prosecuting Attorney Sara Michael's have had an ongoing feud for eight years ever since Rick spanked Sara publicly on the day they met at a freshman frat party. She's never forgiven him for humiliating her, but she has also harbored secret desires for his bossy yet caring ways.  Rick shares her feelings, but refuses to act on them because he thinks Sara is too independent and bull headed.  When he arrests her for speeding, his concern for her safety breaks through his reserve.  

 He punctuates his lecture with light, stingy slaps to the lower, curved sit spot of each of my bottom cheeks, “You’ve a truly beautiful ass, Sara, and believe me you’re not easy to resist.”
 Despite his clearly stated appreciation of my ass and my supposed irresistibility, he's not diverted from his purpose.  He alternates slaps to my sit spots, as well as peppering up and down the swell of my cheeks.  His lecture continues in a firm, low tone just loud enough to be heard above the sounds of the firm smacks,  “You’re risking your safety with your reckless attitude as well as your reckless driving.”
The sting and slow rhythm of his hand and voice builds a burn, inside as well as out.  The skin on my bottom is tight and sore.  It overrides my desire a second time and I start to feel like that naughty little girl all over again.  The emotion feeds a desire that transcends sex, a secret, deep-seated need that craves someone to watch over and take care of me - to protect me from danger, especially the danger I create for myself.


The feud between Detective Rick Andrews and Sara Michael's is legendary and no one ever wants to stand in the line of fire when they go at it.   Despite the feud, everyone knows Rick and Sara fell in love in love the day they met.  Only they just keep making war not love. During a roadside arrest, Rick finally takes Sara in hand. The HOT encounter includes frisking, spanking, cuffing and later a shattering first kiss. Rick thought Sara was too independent to submit to a 24/7 domestic discipline arrangement, but once he sees her submissive side, he commits to taking her in hand with strict discipline as well as his own brand of dominant lovemaking. Can Sara defer to his discipline and can Rick learn to rule her in a way she can accept?

Her Forbidden Spring - You've Been a Very Naughty Girl, Professor.

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