Thursday, 8 December 2016

HIS to Keep Live on Amazon!
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Hi Lovelies!
A special welcome to all of you who just signed up to my newsletter over the past couple of weeks. Great to have you on board to celebrate the Christmas season. Happy Advent to all! I just love this photo. The poinsetta  is a gift from my daughter and the gorgeous card is from my sister. Do you have any holiday images you love? Why not join my new readers group and post them! Join Karol's Keepers

WooHoo! Her Keeper 2 Episode 1 is now live on Amazon for $0.99 for a limited time. It includes two versions. A recently revised version, HIS to Keep, and the original version, In HIS Custody. Now that I'm picking up the story after a long break, I’m writing it a bit differently. The new version is sweeter with less BDSM and more emphasis on the crime element.

Having said that, I still like the original version and know many of you enjoyed it too. So, I'm going to include both versions in each re-released episode. When it’s finished, I’ll release it as two separate books - one sweet and steamy and one with more erotic elements. I did this with Julian and Claire’s story - Chances & Choices and HIS By Design. It’s worked well. Each book has its own following.

It’s up to you which story you choose to read. Of course, feel free to read both and tell me if you have a preference. Either way – enjoy!

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