Saturday, 27 December 2014

Saturday Spankings - Intimate Knowledge Part 5 - Fierce Retribrution

Hi Guys

Haven't posted for a while.  Rotten flu and frantically writing.  My teaser this week is from Intimate Knowledge Part 5.  It is from my Detective & Desires Series. Released in multiple volumes it is an ongoing serial detailing the love story of vice-detective Raisa Gordon and her criminal target Leo Gold.  
In an attempt to combat her deep attraction to Leo, Raisa is persuaded by  her best friend to go out looking for a 'hot young stud to f**k Leo Gold right out of her system.'  Unfortunately for her, Leo catches her while she is on the prowl in a nightclub.  He is furious and exacts punishment at the club and at his penthouse.  This extract is while they are in his limo on the way to his apartment.  It is from Leo's POV. At this point in the story, he has curbed the urge to be more severe, recognizing that she has not actually cheated on him.  Fired up by livid fury, he imagines how he would punish her if she was unfaithful...

Indulging my fury further, I imagine how I would deal with her if she did cheat on me.  I would order her to strip naked and to kneel up on the leather car seat with her ass out, legs spread.  Doubling my belt, I would whip her backside and pussy all the way back to the penthouse.  It’s a fifteen-minute drive.  She would be very, very, sore by the time we got home.  Taking her after that in a variety of positions, especially from behind, would be very uncomfortable for her, painful even.  I grow hot at the thought of punishing her with my cock as well as my belt; plunging hard and fast inside her pussy and then her ass, I would demand she beg for forgiveness and make her howl out her recognition and acceptance of my ownership. 
I am profoundly troubled at how much that image turns me on.



Leo Gold, cultured, half-Italian heir apparent to the nefarious Boston, Gold crime family, has no idea Raisa Gordon is a vice detective when he falls for her. The FBI use the opportunity to place her undercover as romantic bait to infiltrate the Gold operation. Trouble is Raisa finds him impossible to resist, especially as he has an uncanny understanding of her long hidden, dark need for domination and discipline. 

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Welcome to WIP IT UP Wednesday. #wipitup. M
y work in progress(WIP) today is from my cowboy spanking romance currently titled Hope Junction.  Set in the small Wyoming town of Hope Junction, it is Tessa and Chance's love story.  Tessa has just moved to town to start a new business and Chance is the local rancher who falls for her.  In this extract  Chance is undressing Tessa for the first time:


Tessa smiled at him and nodded, taking the hand he offered.  Once inside his pick-up she was embarrassed to be hot and trembling beside him.  Smiling at her he put his arm round her and kissed her softly.  “You got any candles, hon?”
“Huh?  Candles?”  Tessa gazed at him puzzled and then blushed with passionate pleasure as she remembered his words explaining why he let her keep her panties up when she was across his knee.  …that’s not how I wanna see you bare for the first time.  Candlelight and soft, tender caresses are more my preference, babe.  She squirmed in anticipation remembering his promise.  Not as good as you want, Tessa, but better than you’ve been getting.  Tessa swallowed, her mouth dry at the implications of his question.  “Um, yeah.  Plenty.  All different types and scents.”
He smiled and nodded as he put his truck into gear.  “Thought you might.”
“Chance,” she asked into his chest.  “Do you think maybe…” what the hell, she screwed up her courage and just asked him in a rush, “…maybe you could stay over.”
He pulled her closer and kissed her hair.  “Would you like me to, Therese Marie?”
She nodded, her heart in her mouth waiting for his answer.
It came in a husky whisper.  “I’d like that too, babe.”
Tessa breathed a sigh of relief, the rest of the journey passing in a haze of anticipation.  She knew it wouldn’t be all the way, but just the idea of having him in her bed, naked together, falling asleep in his arms was heady stuff.  To finally have this after the waiting enhanced it.  Guess he knew what he was doing drawing things out.
When they pulled in to the spot behind her house, they walked hand in hand toward her bedroom in silence.  Once inside, she opened her cupboard, indicating the shelf that held her selection of candles.  “Take your pick, cowboy.”
“Don’t mind if I do.”  He told her.  Amazing Tessa by selecting her entire collection of over forty candles, he started to spread them around the room.  She watched in fascination as he chose each place carefully, clearly using his firefighter expertise to guard against accidents.  “Get lighting woman.”  He growled jolting her out of her surprise.
Together they set up the candles, creating the most romantic atmosphere Tessa had ever experienced.  When they finished, the glow was bright enough to illuminate the blatant desire in his eyes.  Taking her by the hand, he leaned lazily on her mirrored dresser and stood her in front of him slightly to the side so she was fully visible in the mirror.  Tessa melted as he ran his finger down the bridge of her nose and tucked a stray, fiery curl behind her ear.  She drew in her breath as his hand cupped her sex through her silky dress and he informed her softly.  “I’m desperate to discover if the curls here match the hair on your head or your lashes.”
She laughed sweetly and softly.  “Really?  That’s what you think about when you imagine me naked?”
“Damn, right.  Thought about it that first night when we were sitting out there on my Gram’s old couch and every night since.”  He kept his hand firmly on the apex between her thighs while he traced her lips and jaw line.  “You wanna give me a hint?”  He asked her in a low, husky growl.
She shook her head slowly, biting her lip, answering him a voice that was a slow caress.  “Guess you’ll just have to find out for yourself.”
And he did.  Little by little, one garment at a time, he bared her completely to his admiring gaze in the candlelight.  Tessa found it dizzily erotic to be bared in front of her own mirror as he remained fully clothed.  She’d undressed in front of that mirror so many times, but tonight the woman she saw was the one reflected in his eyes.  He looked at her like she was the most desirable woman on earth and so she was.
When she was completely naked before him he reached out and gently pulled on the curls nestled between her thighs.  “Flame colored like your hair, just like I hoped.  You know why, hon, because then I can watch them turn dark like your lashes when I suck on your clit and make your sweet pussy weep.”

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