Friday, 6 February 2015

Natasha Knight Visits with Her New Hit Release - Protective Custody!

Natasha Knight and I have swapped blogs to share from our latest releases! Just click on the links once you've enjoyed the excerpt from Natasha's Protective Custody.  Over to you Natasha...

Hi Helen, thanks so much for having me here today with my latest release, Protective Custody. I chose a naughty scene to share as I think people just like them… I know I do! Here, Aidan is addressing the fact that Skye has just come without permission.  Positioning – think 69 with her on top:

“Skye,” he whispered, holding her in place when she tried to move off him.
“Let me go,” she managed, her voice small.
He sat up but held her as she was so that her bottom was just inches from his face, spread wide given the position of her legs, so he could see every inch of her.
“I like looking at you like this,” he said, his cock still hard, wanting her warmth around it again.
“Please, Aidan,” she begged, trying again to move off of him.
“All right,” he said, taking her hips and lifting her so she knelt with her back to him, her pussy just lining up with his thick, ready cock. “I’m going to fuck your pussy first, take my pleasure from you, before sending you to the punishment room to teach you how to suck my cock properly,” he said. “Put your hands on my thighs and lean forward. I want to watch your pussy take my cock.”
She glanced back over her shoulder at him and he could see in her eyes her renewed arousal as she did as she was told, leaning forward, holding onto his thighs, her pussy gaping just over his cock.
“Ready?” he asked.
She nodded, dripping on him while trying to mount him.
“You are a naughty girl,” he said while in one swift move, he impaled her on himself, the feel of her tight, wet, hot passage making him dig his hands into her hips to force himself to go slowly, to draw this out, to begin her torment with this fucking. “So greedy,” he said, slowly lifting her up off his cock only to pull her back hard again.
“Please,” she began. “It’s too much.”
“Is your pussy a little sensitive?” he asked, repeating the motion of impaling her onto himself. “You’ll need to learn you’re never to come without permission,” he said, this time moving the thumb of one hand to her dark back hole, causing her to gasp again.
Unable to hold back, he shifted their position, kneeling behind her, and pushed her down so that her face was in the bed and her ass was raised high.
“I think you like this,” he said, fucking her pussy, his finger pushing into her ass. “I think you like my finger in your ass while I fuck you. I wonder,” he said, adding a second finger, stretching her, knowing she was at her edge just on this side of pain. “I wonder how you’ll like my cock fucking your ass,” he said, the thought of it pushing him over the edge, forcing two more final, punishing thrusts before he buried himself deep inside her, his seed bursting from him as he held her close to his body while his cock throbbed, the walls of her pussy once again clamping down around him to signal her second stolen orgasm.

* * * *

Poor Skye, she’s about to make a trip to The Punishment Room. I hope you enjoyed reading it and thanks for dropping by.


When Skye Madden is caught trespassing at an exclusive ski resort while trying to support herself as a tabloid photographer, she is stunned to discover that her childhood crush, Aidan Hastings, is the head of security. More shocking still, Aidan tells her in no uncertain terms that if she is found snooping around the resort again, he’ll take her over his knee and give her a spanking she’ll never forget.

 When her boss sends her back to the same resort a year later on another assignment, Skye can’t help but remember Aidan’s warning, but a spanking quickly becomes the least of her worries after she gets lost on the mountain. While trying to find her way back, things go from bad to worse when she witnesses a cold-blooded murder, and she is left with no choice but to confess everything to Aidan. Worst of all, it appears that the murder is connected to the Russian mob. 

Aidan decides he’s taking no chances with his best friend’s little sister, a girl he’s never been able to forget. As a former special agent, he is more than ready to do whatever is needed to keep her safe, even if that means taking her into hiding in an isolated cabin, whether she likes it or not. But Skye Madden has grown even more stubborn and headstrong than he remembered, and he soon realizes it will take quite a bit more than just a bare-bottom spanking to bring her in line. 

Even with her world collapsing around her, Skye wonders how she can let this man—someone who has a place called a “punishment room” in his house, on top of everything else—start to claim her heart again. Can she learn to trust her firm protector, or will she take matters into her own hands and put her life in even greater danger? 

Publisher’s Note: Protective Custody is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Thanks for visiting, Natasha - Love the new book!  Always an auto buy for me.  You can certainly be relied on to deliver the naughty bits! 

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