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P is for Punishment Sex - Day 16 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

Welcome to My Day 16 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

is for Punishment Sex.  Predictable you say.  Perhaps.  Or perhaps not when it is a type of punishment that is sometimes controversial and not for everyone - be warned this is an extract of  Punishment Sex from The Rancher's Woman.  Don't read if it might offend.

Chance let her cry across his knee, rubbing her back. When her sobs slowed, he lifted her to stand facing the couch with a thick-voiced instruction. “Kneel on the seat. Hands on the back, eyes front, thighs spread, ass up and out.”
Tessa drew in her slowing sobs. She gulped and swallowed at the crude order. The lust in his voice was unmistakable, his intentions obvious. Now she knew why he wanted her jeans and panties below her knees, so they wouldn’t stop her from spreading her thighs wide. They still bunched around her lower legs, their humiliating presence along with her pushed-up open shirt reminding her this was punishment, not pleasure.
Chance leaned over and put one hand on either side of her on the back of the couch. He held their bodies close, barely touching. He tongued her ear, swirling full inside it wetly. The action brought a catch to her throat. He must not be too angry to grace her with the tender action he knew aroused her so.
His hands pushed back from the couch to stand upright behind her. His voice was a mixture of lust and reprimand. “How does it feel to be in this position, missy? Jeans and panties around your ankles, your bare ass severely spanked and welted, waiting to get well pounded. A punishment fucking instead of the sweet loving you had coming this afternoon. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Earning this?”
Tessa sobs deepened at his justified rebuke. “Y-yes. I… I’m ashamed. I w-wish I’d told you.”
She heard his zipper. His hands parted her bottom cheeks and she felt the wet tip of his shaft at her pussy entrance. She was dripping wet. He circled her with the tip, making her pussy weep even more for him. “Good thing you’re so wet, babe. Slippery and open for me means it won’t hurt when I pound inside.” He smacked her bottom sharply. “This is what’ll hurt. Pounding against this sore, misbehavin’ behind.”
Before she knew it, he was inside her. Hard. She grunted with the shock of his force. He thrust in full to the hilt, his hard stomach and thighs battering her bare bottom. He’d only unzipped enough to release his cock and the denim from his jeans was rough against the flesh of her punished lower cheeks and sit spots. He’d unbuttoned his shirt completely and pushed her own up to her neck. The warmth and strength of his chest felt good to her bare back, but his hard lower abs were agonizing on the curved upper swell of her spanked and leathered buttocks.
The burn his battering raised in her butt was worse than she expected. Almost as bad as the spanking and worse than the belting. Instinctively, she moved forward to escape the painful slaps on her swollen buttocks, but his arm held her curved into the hollow of his body. His other hand was on the back of the couch providing leverage while he pounded her. “Oh, no, you don’t,” he told her through breath ragged from exertion. “You’ll take this good and hard, woman. Get your butt back out and presented to me before I change my mind and decide to fuck you in it now instead of waiting until I’ve stretched you.”
She wasn’t sure if it was a serious threat, but she wasn’t prepared to risk finding out. She moved back into him and stuck her backside out as he ordered. She did risk a look at him, trying to judge his conviction, but his swift command of eyes front accompanied by a smack to her mound stopped that. His cock seemed enormous inside her, bigger and harder. He plunged into her all the way and then back out to the very tip and then over and over, hard and fast, deep inside.
He moved his fingers over her breasts, palming them, pumping them in a way that made her aware they were already engorged and heavy with desire. She cried out as he pulled on her nipples while the fingers of the hand that held her captive round her hips stroked her clit and mound. The contrast of his chastising pummeling and the raw ache it delivered along with his strokes and pumping with his large hands created a hot confusion of pain and pleasure. As he continued to work her, she groaned and rotated in a mix of distress and desire, her breath coming in aroused gasps.
Abruptly her breathing slowed as he unexpectedly slowed the pounding of his hips, working them instead in a rhythm that soon had her raising her own hips in arousal even though that increased the punishment to her buttocks. Her bottom and vaginal channels clenched and she cried out in a heated sob as she felt her body nearing climax.
Chance stopped, responding to her cry and contractions. “You want to come, Therese Marie?”
She sobbed gratefully. Not because of the offer to grant release, but because his voice had softened considerably. His question was a sensual invitation in blissful contrast to his reprimands while he punished her.
His hot breath caressed her ear. “You want to come? You tell me what I need to hear. You tell me how you’re going to behave from now on.”
Obediently, she repeated the litany over her safety that he’d made her recite earlier to the tune of his belt. “Ow! I’ll talk to you. Oh… I’ll tell you about anything that might cause me harm. I promise. Aaargh! I’ll stay safe. I promise!” She knew she’d got it right at his grunt of satisfaction.
“Damn right. You will stay safe, Therese Marie.” He pounded her harder than ever then. Only now, he made deliberate contact with her G-spot, pumping her unremittingly to ecstatic waves of pleasure. In contrast, her buttocks ached as his abs and hips made even fiercer contact. Her muscles started to contract and her heart jumped when she felt his cock respond along with her. He circled her wet, engorged clit, pressing just as he climaxed, bringing her sweet release along with him.

Everyone in town knows sparks of attraction have been flying between Tessa and Chance almost from the moment her nursery business brought her to beautiful Hope Junction, Wyoming. Despite his bossy ways, Tessa soon begins to realize that Chance might well be the man she’s been waiting for her whole life. Will Chance’s decision to take her in hand tear them apart or will Tessa learn to see his discipline as proof of the love they will share for the rest of their lives?

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O is for One... Day 15 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

Welcome to My Day 15 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

  is for One...  That heart in the mouth traditional method of warning before a spanking -" You have until the count of one... " Here's a one... sample from my WIP of the next book in the Hope Junction Series following on from The Rancher's Woman.  It's tentatively entitled The Sheriff's Hellion.

Janey still couldn’t believe Wes would actually follow through with his threat, but just in case, she decided to take precautions.  She backed up the weathered, wooden steps to stand on the wraparound porch, putting the solid expanse of the railing reassuringly between them. 
“Wes, come on.”
“You have until the count of three, Janey.”
“If you think I’m going to fall for…”
He took the steps two at a time. 
“…that old trick…”  Janey tried to stand her ground, but couldn’t help backing away from him.  “I’m not a kid to be scared by your count…
“One…” He moved towards her on the porch, the railing no longer a protective barrier.
“Get real!”
 “Two…”  He walked purposely towards her retreating figure.
“Seriously, Wes! 
“Three.”  Shaking his head he told her determinedly.  “Time’s up, Janey.”
This is from the WIP of The next in the Hope Junction Series.  If you haven't read the first book, click it below!

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N is for Needs -My Day 14 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z and Saturday Spankings #SatSpanks

Welcome to My Day 14 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z
and Saturday Spankings 

is for Needs.    A partner who fufills needs rather than just wishes and desires is a truly gifted lover.  DD and D/s relationships IMHO are about meeting needs. A good disciplinarian/dominant will anticipate the needs of their partner, especially when said partner is struggling to understand their own needs.  My eight sentence teaser today  from Her Keeper explores this. 

Rick has just told Sara that he has arranged for to be taken off the case that has burdened her for months  Much to both their surprise, she is estatically grateful.  Rick tells her that in future he'll put his foot down over her needs regardless.  He also informs her that they are going to make their relationship work because now that he finally has her, he's never letting her go...

"One way or another, we're going to make this work, because there's no way you're ever getting away from me, now.” 
She smiles, but I can see she's thrusting down a jolt of anxiety arising from the determination in my voice and attitude.  I imagine she's wondering if I really mean what I say enough to curtail her freedom.  She has reason to suspect that - ultimately, she knows my ordinary Joe, small town cop persona is an illusion.  I keep to it as much as I can, but in reality, I'm rich and powerful with influential connections.  I've the ability to control her against her wishes.  She has reason to be worried - I've made up my mind that from now on her wishes are not my concern.  
Only her needs are.


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He opens the wine and pours us both a glass.  I join him to sit side by side on the stools, shifting a little in pleasure pain when the cool leather feels hard and yet soothing on the places that I know still bear his handprint.  We each take a sip of wine.  It's velvety smooth and I look forward to how it’ll increase in taste as it breathes.  I'm distracted from my enjoyment of it when he picks up my cell from the counter and looks at me sternly over the rim of his glass.
“So, little girl.  Have you been good?  I trust I'm going to be happy with you when I check this.”
I struggle to smother my stubborn, knee jerk reaction to his dominant mode.  Instead of telling him to fuck off, who does he think he is forbidding me access to my messages, I will my brain to respond to the way that look and tone makes my stomach flip with intense excitement and my pelvis clench in hot desire.  I take another sip of my wine and nod with clear eyes.  He takes me at my word and puts down the phone without checking it.
“Good.  After dinner, I'll erase every single message from Gencor or any to do with their case.  You never have to look at them or worry about them again.  I sorted it out with Jim and you're off the case, no hard feelings.”
My spontaneous response to this announcement shocks us both.  I put my glass down and launch myself into his arms flooded with a gratitude that astonishes me.  “Oh, Rick.  Thank you!  Thank you!  I'm so glad to never, ever have to think about them again.”

Stunned by Sara’s reaction, I perform a miraculous juggling act, just managing to avoid soaking us both with my wine.  Putting my glass down, I lift her chin to give her a hard, fast kiss and then hold her fiercely against my chest.  My voice is just as fierce.  “Damn it!  I knew it!  I should've put my foot down over this months ago.”  I stroke her hair, my voice only a little less forceful.  “From now on, I'll do exactly that when necessary.  I'll go with my gut over your needs and there will be no nonsense from you over it!”
I can tell she stifles a smile at my outburst, but makes no protest.  Probably still too euphoric at the removal of the burden she's been dragging around for almost half a year.  I tighten my hold and continue, frustrated with myself.  “I should've paid more attention!  I let your stubbornness infuriate me when I should've seen past it and sorted this out for you sooner.  My version of your knee jerk response, I guess.”  I hold her away from me and look down at her with rueful tenderness.  “I’ll work on adjusting that too, sweetheart.  I promise.”
She plays with the buttons on my shirt and shifts her gaze to them.  Her tone holds excitement at my admission, her words tumbling out in a rush.  “Oh, Rick.  I'm so glad you said that.  I'm so glad to know that just because you're dominant you don’t consider yourself all-knowing in the relationship.  That you're still willing to take on responsibility for failings and are prepared to make adjustments?”
I sit back and look at her askance and ask her with a hint of irritation.  “Sara.  What crap have you been reading or who have you been talking to?  Think of my comments after I spanked you for boasting about your sexual experience.  I accepted responsibility then, as well, instead of punishing you further for challenging me, didn’t I?  I’m dominant, not God Almighty.”
She grins.  “Really?  You mean you know you're actually not omnipotent?”  She laughs and then squeals when I playfully pinch her ass in retribution.  She gives me a molten, teasing pout, making a show of rubbing her cute bottom in mock pain, accusing me sexily.  “Brute!”
She pauses and then her voice takes on a serious note as she returns to my earlier comments.  “You can’t blame yourself, Rick.  How could you know how much I wanted off this case?  I didn’t even know myself until just now when you told me I was free of it.”  I can see the relief flood her again as she says it.
I cup her jaw and speak to her in a soft tone.  “That’s the point, sweetheart.  That's one of the main responsibilities of 24/7 dominance.  It’s my job to anticipate your needs, to know what’s good for you, especially when you don’t.”
She gulps and looks at me a bit awestruck.  “Oh.  I’d never have interpreted a D/s relationship that way.”
I grin this time.  “Why, Sara?  What do you see?  An arrogant jackass, strutting about in leather, throwing his weight around and demanding you kneel to him?”  She blushes and looks down and I know I'm not far from the mark.
“Maybe.”  She admits with awe still in her voice.  “At least, I never for a moment thought it might include caring for my needs in that way.  Taking on that much responsibility for me and my welfare.”  I stay silent letting her new perspective sink in.  She's quiet for a moment and then makes a point of reassuring me.  “Well, we weren’t in a relationship then, so you can’t hold yourself accountable.”
“Mmm, maybe.”  I murmur.  Stroking her jaw, softly, I ask.  “We weren’t in a relationship, then.  Does that mean you accept we're in a relationship, now?”
My heart is in my mouth waiting for her response to my question.  The moment of truth.  She takes her eyes from the buttons of my shirt and looks up at me.  “I guess.  It's just...  I'm not sure, Rick.  There are things that still bother me.”
I breathe a sigh of relief.  Not that her answer would have any effect on the ultimate outcome, but I'd rather she surrendered willingly.  “Of course there are.  We're not suddenly going to slip into this with plain sailing.  We need to adjust to each other.  Discuss things.  But don’t worry, little girl.  One way or another, we're going to make this work, because there's no way you're ever getting away from me, now.”
She smiles, but I can see she's thrusting down a jolt of anxiety arising from the determination in my voice and attitude.  I imagine she's wondering if I really mean what I say enough to curtail her freedom.  She has reason to suspect that.  Ultimately, she knows my ordinary Joe, small town cop persona is an illusion.  I keep to it as much as I can, but in reality, I'm rich and powerful with influential connections.  I've the ability to control her against her wishes.  She has reason to be worried.  I've made up my mind that from now on her wishes are not my concern.  Only her needs are. 
I may be willing to admit to failings and make adjustments, but that doesn’t include letting her go.  I'm now utterly convinced she needs me and I'll do whatever it takes to keep her with me under my dominance and control.


M is for #MasturbationMonday - Watch this space! My Day 13 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

is for

Welcome to My Day 13 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

My scene today is from Intimate Knowledge 1. Released in multiple volumes it is an ongoing e-serial.  Leo Gold, cultured, half-Italian heir apparent to the nefarious Boston, Gold crime family, has no idea Raisa Gordon is a vice detective when he falls for her. The FBI use the opportunity to place her undercover as romantic bait to infiltrate the Gold operation. Trouble is Raisa finds him impossible to resist, especially as he has an uncanny understanding of her long hidden, dark need for domination and discipline. In this scene Leo has just informed her in graphic details of his intentions towards her.  Outwardly managing to keep her cool she makes her escape to cope with the overwhelming desire he arouses in her: 

I maintain my bland expression, but my body and inner turmoil threaten to betray me big time.  I need to get away from his blatant magnetism.  Breaking his stare with a blink, I make my escape by using every woman’s natural refuge.  With a muttered excuse, I head to the john.  Walking slowly at first, I practically break into a run once I am out of his sight.
It’s Leo.  Get used to saying it.  To the feel of it on your tongue.
How could he manage to make the simple practice of saying his name seem so shatteringly erotic?  I feel weak as I surrender to the chemistry I managed to resist in the gallery.  Turning on the tap, I run cold water over my wrists.  My pulse and breathing gradually achieve normality as I lay my forehead against the mirror.  I give myself a long, hard, appraising look.  My cheeks are flushed, my breasts are moving in little heaves, my eyes are aglow.  Even worse, what the mirror fails to reveal are my clenched pelvis and wet pussy. 
This cannot keep up, Raisa girl.  You need some serious intervention here.  Yeah, intervention.  Exactly!  I look around.  The room is deserted.  Although I know we're the only visitors to the gallery this afternoon, the taboo nature of my intention makes me check the cubicles just to be sure.  I settle myself in the small seating area.  The chair I choose faces a mirror that reflects the door so I'll know if I'm in danger of interruption in the midst of my guilty pleasure.
It shouldn’t take too long.  His image has always managed to bring me off in a matter of minutes.  Now I'm familiar with the real thing it should be even faster.  I usually have my vibrator to help the process, but with my state of high arousal since this morning, along with his slick brand of mind fuckery out there in the gallery, I reckon my hands will do just fine.  Unzipping and slipping my fingers down into my jeans, I swipe along my panties.  They're soaked.  I gasp as my fingers brush against my wet, engorged clit.  Sweet Jesus, I'm so primed.
Lying back, I sink into the luxury of remembering the magnificent view of him this morning.  His tanned, oiled torso.  The rippling muscles, tight abs and pecs.  His shirt stretching across his shoulders as he gulped down that beer with a primal growl.  I press on my clit, rotating my hips.  He had to have been rock hard when he saw me.  I imagine him grinding that hardness cruelly against me and I arch into him.  I remember the look on his face that told me how much he wanted me.  I follow that through in my mind coupling it with the heat of his declaration at the exhibit.  He picks me up and carries me off, throwing me on his bed.
My imagining breaks down a bit here, as I've no picture in my mind for his bedroom.  I switch the scene to his study as he thrusts me down to sink into the leather of his two-seater.  I can almost smell the leather and feel his hard cock grind against my clit.  Oh God, yes, yes.  That’s good, so good.  I thrust my hand down into my panties, applying deep, long fast strokes to my labia and clit.  I turn to my side picturing him behind me on the chair spooned against my body, his hand down my panties, stroking firm and fast, his long fingers pinching, pressing and circling.  His voice and tongue are hot in my ear.
My name, cara…you will be moaning it and screaming it when I'm thrusting deep inside you.
“Leo.”  It is wrung out of me along with the shattering orgasm.  “Leo.”  I gasp it and collapse, my breath coming in heaves.  Oh my God, that was f***ing kickass.  I lie back against the chair with my eyes closed and let the spasms leave me and do their sweet work.  At least now, I won’t be so sexually wound up around him.  Or such a wimp around his disarming charisma.
As the afterglow sweeps over me, unbidden sensations steal in.  I feel his arms supporting me, stopping me from falling, his voice in my ear.  “Careful, Raisa, it’s a very, long way down.”  The heat of his body behind me, the support of his arms.  “You’re safe, cara.  Relax.  I have you.”
I shiver at the memory and then it merges into desire.  His arms hold me close in the afterglow, his rich voice thick with intimacy.  ….the feel of my name on your tongue. 
His long fingers capture my cheek and chin as he turns my head up to meet his lips and kiss me possessively. 
Only it's no longer in my head.  NO.  No.  Noo! 
My eyes fly open and I look across to the mirror, my heart pounding at his touch, his startling materialization standing behind me shocking me out of my daydream.  F**k!  Where did he come from?  Immersed in my pleasure he must've entered without my hearing. 
Please, please don't let it be that he came in when I was coming.  Please let it be that he only saw the very end of my self-help scenario.  Please do not let him have witnessed my pathetic girly abandon to orgasmic delight over him.
The heat in his eyes doesn’t leave me much hope and I decide attack is the surest form of defense.  I sit up, zip my jeans and pull away from his touch sending him an accusing look in the mirror.  No way can I turn to face him.
“What're you doing?  This's the ladies’ room.  You can’t just walk in here and creep up on me.”
Placing a hand on either side of me on the back of the chair, his reflection gives me a knowing look as he tells me in a sensual tone.  “Oh I think I can when I hear a certain lady calling my name.”  He pauses and gives me another heated look in the mirror before adding.  “Twice”  
He is courteous enough not to add ‘while climaxing’ or ‘in rapture’.  His hungry expression is not as well mannered.  It makes it clear to us both that he knows his name was drawn from me in the heat of orgasm.
I want to bury my face in my hands and sink into the floor.  This has to be one of my worst nightmares.  Caught out masturbating by the subject of my desire is beyond humiliating.  So why does my body find it seriously hot?  So much for my plan to intervene and halt, or at least slow down my libido.  My pussy is pulsing and moisture is pooling around the entrance to my womb just as copiously as before.  I fail to answer him and avoid his gaze.
He eases me back against the chair and bends to whispers in my ear with a hot hunger in his voice.  “It excites me to know you can follow my instructions so well and so immediately, il mio tesoro.”  He turns my face towards him and I see his excitement in the dilation of his pupils, the smoky gold flecks almost disappearing in the blaze of his lust.
A heat very different from embarrassment flows through me at the blatant evidence of his need for me and his use of the Italian endearment.  What woman wouldn’t melt when the man of her dreams calls her his treasure? 
 A detective on an undercover mission that is who! 
I try desperately to salvage my sense of duty and struggle to use my mechanism, but it is no use, I am too far-gone, still too deeply taken by the afterglow and his hot tender touch and voice.  I turn my face back and just stare stupidly at him in the mirror.
He emits a satisfied growl and my stomach flips when he encircles my waist with one arm to pull me up out of the seat and hold me with my back, and buttocks hot against him.  I squeak in fright and surprise as he has me facing the wall in two powerful strides.  He lets me slide sensuously down from him to slowly ease, tortuously, over his hard erection to stand on shaky legs.  His hands travel up from my waist in one accord as I slide down and he imprisons my upper arms and raises them to lay my hands flat on the wall in a captive pose.  His palms cover my hands on either side, easily engulfing them.
The heat of his body flows into me and his hot breath is above me as he nuzzles into my hair.  “You can’t deny your feelings after this, Raisa.” 
The honeyed caress in the way he says my name is more tempting than any endearment and I moan and melt back into him for just a moment before I regain my senses. 
“Admit it.”  He insists gently.
I take a deep breath and struggle to curb the emotion rampant in me at this hugely erotic position and the confident passion in his voice.  He waits patiently as I try to outlast him, the sound of both our breathing pounding in my ears, the feel of his heartbeat pulsing in unison with mine against my back.  Finally, I can take it no more and I come clean in a strangled whisper.
“Okay, I admit it!  But just because I feel this way doesn’t mean I want these sensations or intend to act on them.”  I strive to inflect some disdain into my tone.  “Why do you think I am in here, playing with myself?”
“Because you are a coward, cara mia!”  He chastises me fiercely.
The twisted truth in his low-drawled assertion punches me in the gut and I push back against him and turn, making a play to get away from him.  He stops me, his arms caging me, his strong, muscular leg thrusting between my reluctant thighs.  His body is so close on mine, his heat pulses through me in waves.  Gliding his long fingers under my nape, he softly seizes my braid in an erotic claiming that alluringly commands me.
“Yield to me, Raisa.”
It is an order, but it is a seductive one, his voice a caress in my ear, his teeth gently nibbling, easing a sweet fire through my entire body.  His lips are on my throat, his tongue trailing lightly along my collarbone.  The sizzling sensations make me light-headed and my will to resist ebbs quietly away.  I have never felt this way in a man’s arms, never wanted to surrender so totally.  I tilt my chin up towards him, offering my lips.
He draws in his breath swiftly at my unexpected submission and murmurs tortuously.  “Raisa, sweet.  You won’t be sorry.” 
I expect him to take my lips hungrily, but he draws the moment out continuing to trail leisurely along my collarbone up my throat to the curve of my jaw, lightly tracing the outline of my mouth, slipping in so gently the swirl of his tongue mixing with mine is feather light. 
His hands mirror this slow sensuality, discovering my body in a sweet symmetry from neck to hip, before sliding a hand under the curve of each buttock to draw me close against him down along his thigh.  He moves in a slow, undulating cadence so I ride him, the friction of his hard muscles against the seam of my jeans setting my pussy afire with a slow, burning heat. 
He eases out of my mouth, turning his attention to my ear, while gliding his hand slowly up to clasp my breast and tease my nipple.  All this feels so fine, I can’t stop myself from voicing my satisfaction in a sexy moaning of his name.  “Mmm, oh, Leo.”
“Mmm.  For me too, cara.”  Burying his face in my hair, he moves lower to inhale and lave his tongue along my cleavage.  “You smell and taste intoxicating.”  I can almost see his erotic, teasing smile as he whispers in a subtly, chiding murmur.  “Kissing.”  He nips kisses along my throat, thrusting and swirling his tongue inside when he reaches my moist mouth.  “Inhaling…”  He nuzzles my neck and takes in a long draught of my scent.  “Tasting…”  He bends back my throat nibbling, licking in soft little bites.  “Embracing…”  His arms pull me close, his hands possessively encircling my nape and waist.  “None of these pleasures are possible by yourself, teserino.”
As if to test the truth of his words, I indulge my own senses in the scent and feel of him.  The strength of his hard muscles under my hands causes my body to yield even more and I am glad of his strong thigh hot against my pussy supporting me.  My arousal is so potent I wonder if my juices have soaked through my jeans.  He smells of a mixture of woodsy cologne and primal musk.  Taking a soft nip at the opening of his shirt, I take pleasure in the bite of his salty, masculine taste.
Kissing me deeply, his hands cover and massage both my breasts in a gentle rhythm that keeps pace with the cadence of his thigh.  I cannot deny his tender claim on me.  A feeling of inevitability creeps over me, as I fear I am slipping into an inescapable world of his making.
Suddenly he hardens his assault on my senses.  Clutching me fiercely, he drops his leg and lifts me by my ass to grind solidly against his stiff erection.  Seizing my braid in a powerful grasp, he plunges his tongue forcefully into my yielding mouth.  This rollercoaster possession is breathtaking.  An exciting sweep of adrenaline crashes through me along with a potent thrill at the mastery of his skill.  He roughly kneads my ass with one hand, rhythmically lifting me even higher to fit his rigid cock tightly against my hungry clit.  My breath comes in pants and gasps and I cry out as he hauls my leg up around his upper hip, driving me hard against the wall.
His roughness acts like a drug liberating my inhibitions in a fiery haze and I shamelessly meet his thrusts desperate for the feel of him against me.  The wildness of my response pushes him further, his hands at my clothing practically rip my shirt open to unclasp the front of my bra and take my nipples hard in his mouth.  Thrusting lower he unzips my jeans and fits his long fingers down inside to rub against my sopping wet pussy. 
Moaning, captured by devouring need, all thoughts of duty or fear are eradicated by lust.  In this moment, I know that he could take me up against the wall anyway, anyhow and I would have no will to stop him.  From deep inside, the craving for him to take me now, ending any obligation to resist almost spirals out of control.  It is all I can do to keep from crying out my crude, demanding need.
Thank God, the traitorous cry stays inside me.  I hear his voice gruff with a lust as strong as mine offering a softer solution to my need.  “Raisa, you’re so wet, you’re dripping like honey.  I need to make you come, cara.  You need it.” 
I feel his fingers sweep against my bare flesh setting me alight, spreading my juices along my labia and clit, pinching and plumping.  I cry out and feel myself sliding slowly down the wall.  The world tilts as he lifts me, cradling me with his chest hot against my back, his hand still inside my jeans cupping my mound.  Crossing to the chair, he settles me in his lap, facing me away from him, spreading me wide, increasing his pressure on my clit, working my juices all over my pussy lips.  I curl into him and bite my lip to stop from begging him to thrust his fingers, hell, his whole fist deep inside me.  I just want him to fill me.  I arch and moan lewdly on his lap.
I feel his deep laugh vibrate through me, his voice muffled in my hair.  “So different, Raisa.  So cool before and now so hot.  It excites me, you are so volatile.  I am looking forward to fucking you in many ways, in many moods.”
His takes my chin and turns my lips up to meet his just as he did when he first kissed me.  Possessing my mouth cruelly, he starts working his magic on my nub.  Desperate as I was before to have him fill me, now his compelling strokes on my clit center my heat and arousal on my erect, jutting, little core.  Stroke follows deep, fiery stroke and soon my whole existence descends onto that one swollen, pulsing point. 
“Open your eyes, Raisa.  Look.  Look at us together.  I want you to see yourself in my arms when I pleasure you.  To gaze into your eyes when you orgasm.”
I resist at first.  I am a strictly bonk in the dark kinda girl, but his undulating accent is too persuasive and I am afraid he may stop, so I sneak a look through my lashes.  Responding to the view in the mirror with a gasp, my eyes fly wide open.  I marvel at the sight of him as he plays me expertly, keeping his attentions to my body at a level that allows me to ride a long, slow, crescending wave of pleasure towards my climax.  I am arched against him, my head flung back, one arm encircling his neck, the other clutching and pushing at his thigh in a rhythmic mirroring of his possession of the responsive, fleshy spot between my rolling, surging hips. 
The sight of me in the mirror abandoned in his arms is such a turn on, I peak and, with a soft, keening cry, watch this wanton woman, I hardly recognize, come apart cradled against him.  He pulls me in tighter and through my orgasmic mist, a sinister fear steals through me.  His glittering, gold-flecked stare captures mine, promising the inevitable infiltration of my sealed, guarded, dark places. 
Turning me towards him, he cradles me in his lap curling me into his chest.  The scent and heat of him fills me, his words surrounding me in heavy, ragged breaths.  “You are mine, now, Raisa. 
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Friday, 19 June 2015

L is for The Line Trilogy - Catherine Taylor. - My Day 12 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

Welcome to My Day 12 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

is for The Line Trilogy

I absolutely love this trilogy.  it was the first Spanking Book by an indie author I read on Amazon  and it inspired me to write my first spanking book! She was one of my first betas for my ideas for Her Keeper.  
I started an author correspondence with Catherine and she really encouraged me! I have written reviews of it for The Kindle Romance Review (the first time they allowed erotic romance reviews) and my own personal Amazon reader reviews as I bought the trilogy myself.  I'm posting my personal review followed by the KRR.  Try this out - you won't regret it!  I will post reviews of th eother two books soon!

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding9 Sept. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My all time favourite read in this genre. I love the trilogy and downloaded both sequels immediately. Love this couple and the authenticity of their relationship.

The supporting characters are well drawn and complex and some really great friendships. What an awesome first date.

Great hero but an excellent villain as well with Mark as quite a complex character.

Cannot recommend this enough.

The Kindle Romance

By Helen Karol
The Finest Line
The Finest Line by Catherine Taylor is the first in a truly excellent and
authentic trilogy exploring myriad facets of domination, discipline and
masochism while never departing from a heart-warming and deepening love
story.  Mairead and James’s story has an
air of credibility that convinces me that Ms Taylor has a real understanding of
the exciting, dark world that she reveals to us while managing to show us that
this supposed underworld is populated by human people who we come to love and applaud.
Readers might be forgiven for considering
the trilogy a Fifty Shades of Grey clone, but at the risk of offending, I
consider The Line Trilogy to be far superior in its depth and understanding of
the sexual needs and desires in disciplinary relationships and sexual
liberation from a woman’s perspective.
It also has a thriller element that I prefer as it provides entertainment
and excitement that is not just about the endless sex or analyzing of emotions.  Regardless, the sex and discipline scenes are
super hot sizzlers and the depth and range of emotion gripping.
The main female character, Mairead is very
strong with a complex character arc and quirky sense of herself.  She isn’t afraid to put herself on the line
to help others and her skill as a gymnast is a strong element throughout the trilogy.  Although she has serious self-esteem issues
she has a strong inner core and sense of self-worth that although deeply buried
still ultimately leads her to make the right choices a lot of the time.  She certainly makes the right choice to
pursue the man she knows she is in love with.
But then, what woman in her right mind, or
any state of mind, wouldn’t be willing to chase after the perfect, loving,
every girl’s wet dream, chauffeur James Vaughn.
This sexy, gorgeous man, ex-army, ex professional disciplinarian knows
just what Mairead needs.  He’s spent five
years looking after her, and fighting his feelings that have grown from caring
for a feisty, teenage handful to a stunningly beautiful woman he wants to help
protect from the whole world and a lot of the time from herself.  He is outstandingly alpha male in every
sense, yet the author gives him vulnerabilities and shows he is as capable of
making mistakes without affecting our sense of him as strong and dependable. A
pretty fine line to navigate and Ms. Taylor does it with true finesse.
This is not a story that plays around with
a few light spankings, contracts or ritualistic BDSM protocols.  What makes it stand out from FSOG and its
numerous clones is that this shows how a severe disciplinary relationship
satisfies deep-seated needs from the woman’s side.  She is the one who needs it and craves it,
not out of a desire to be submissive to her male partner but because it
satisfies her disciplinary and masochistic needs.  He fulfills these needs because he loves her
and enjoys certain aspects of the dynamic but ultimately it is the woman’s
needs that are paramount and the driving force.
The New Zealand and Australian setting add
an interesting depth as prostitution and the sex industry are not illegal in
the way they are in the U.S and the U.K. and this allows for an interesting approach.  Ms. Taylor presents the characters of a
shunned world of sex workers, clubs and alternative sexual orientations and
preferences beautifully, from Mairead’s transgender best friend, Kylie, to
James’s lesbian, ex-army, professional dominatrix business partner, Vanessa, to
all the various people in between.
Although, like all novels in the trilogy, The Finest Line is stand-alone
with no cliffhanger, I guarantee you will be so captivated by the lovers and
their world you will find yourself going straight to the next two books without
Highly recommended!  Do not miss this trilogy!   


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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Helen Karol Writes: J is for Julian West - Welcome to Saturday Spankin...

Helen Karol Writes: J is for Julian West - Welcome to Saturday Spankin...: Welcome to Saturday Spankings  Day 10 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z is for Julian West, my hero from H...

K is for Kindle Unlimited - A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

Welcome to My Day 11 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

is for Kindle Unlimited
All these titles of mine are currently available in KU

Go Get 'EM!!

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