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L is for The Line Trilogy - Catherine Taylor. - My Day 12 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

Welcome to My Day 12 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

is for The Line Trilogy

I absolutely love this trilogy.  it was the first Spanking Book by an indie author I read on Amazon  and it inspired me to write my first spanking book! She was one of my first betas for my ideas for Her Keeper.  
I started an author correspondence with Catherine and she really encouraged me! I have written reviews of it for The Kindle Romance Review (the first time they allowed erotic romance reviews) and my own personal Amazon reader reviews as I bought the trilogy myself.  I'm posting my personal review followed by the KRR.  Try this out - you won't regret it!  I will post reviews of th eother two books soon!

5.0 out of 5 stars Outstanding9 Sept. 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My all time favourite read in this genre. I love the trilogy and downloaded both sequels immediately. Love this couple and the authenticity of their relationship.

The supporting characters are well drawn and complex and some really great friendships. What an awesome first date.

Great hero but an excellent villain as well with Mark as quite a complex character.

Cannot recommend this enough.

The Kindle Romance

By Helen Karol
The Finest Line
The Finest Line by Catherine Taylor is the first in a truly excellent and
authentic trilogy exploring myriad facets of domination, discipline and
masochism while never departing from a heart-warming and deepening love
story.  Mairead and James’s story has an
air of credibility that convinces me that Ms Taylor has a real understanding of
the exciting, dark world that she reveals to us while managing to show us that
this supposed underworld is populated by human people who we come to love and applaud.
Readers might be forgiven for considering
the trilogy a Fifty Shades of Grey clone, but at the risk of offending, I
consider The Line Trilogy to be far superior in its depth and understanding of
the sexual needs and desires in disciplinary relationships and sexual
liberation from a woman’s perspective.
It also has a thriller element that I prefer as it provides entertainment
and excitement that is not just about the endless sex or analyzing of emotions.  Regardless, the sex and discipline scenes are
super hot sizzlers and the depth and range of emotion gripping.
The main female character, Mairead is very
strong with a complex character arc and quirky sense of herself.  She isn’t afraid to put herself on the line
to help others and her skill as a gymnast is a strong element throughout the trilogy.  Although she has serious self-esteem issues
she has a strong inner core and sense of self-worth that although deeply buried
still ultimately leads her to make the right choices a lot of the time.  She certainly makes the right choice to
pursue the man she knows she is in love with.
But then, what woman in her right mind, or
any state of mind, wouldn’t be willing to chase after the perfect, loving,
every girl’s wet dream, chauffeur James Vaughn.
This sexy, gorgeous man, ex-army, ex professional disciplinarian knows
just what Mairead needs.  He’s spent five
years looking after her, and fighting his feelings that have grown from caring
for a feisty, teenage handful to a stunningly beautiful woman he wants to help
protect from the whole world and a lot of the time from herself.  He is outstandingly alpha male in every
sense, yet the author gives him vulnerabilities and shows he is as capable of
making mistakes without affecting our sense of him as strong and dependable. A
pretty fine line to navigate and Ms. Taylor does it with true finesse.
This is not a story that plays around with
a few light spankings, contracts or ritualistic BDSM protocols.  What makes it stand out from FSOG and its
numerous clones is that this shows how a severe disciplinary relationship
satisfies deep-seated needs from the woman’s side.  She is the one who needs it and craves it,
not out of a desire to be submissive to her male partner but because it
satisfies her disciplinary and masochistic needs.  He fulfills these needs because he loves her
and enjoys certain aspects of the dynamic but ultimately it is the woman’s
needs that are paramount and the driving force.
The New Zealand and Australian setting add
an interesting depth as prostitution and the sex industry are not illegal in
the way they are in the U.S and the U.K. and this allows for an interesting approach.  Ms. Taylor presents the characters of a
shunned world of sex workers, clubs and alternative sexual orientations and
preferences beautifully, from Mairead’s transgender best friend, Kylie, to
James’s lesbian, ex-army, professional dominatrix business partner, Vanessa, to
all the various people in between.
Although, like all novels in the trilogy, The Finest Line is stand-alone
with no cliffhanger, I guarantee you will be so captivated by the lovers and
their world you will find yourself going straight to the next two books without
Highly recommended!  Do not miss this trilogy!   


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