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A-Z Spanking Blogging Challenge - A is for Aroused by Spanking #SpankA2Z

Welcome to Day 1 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

is for arousal.  I was tempted by the usual spanking words you know ass and anal, but decided on arousal because that's what its all about IMHO.  For a long time I tried to ignore the sexual nature of spanking.  Telling myself it was about the discipline not the sex.  Many domestic discipline sites seemed to cling to that tenet too.  I had a Daddy spanker who insisted that sex and punishment didn't mix.  Confused the issue he said.  I was learning to come to terms with these urges and somehow the idea that it was about discipline not arousal seemed to make it more acceptable.

Only after a while, I got fed up with that.  Spanking turned me on.  It aroused me, just the word never mind the action.  So the whole no sex after punishment didn't wash after a while.  It was good at times to separate the two, but generally one led to the other.  A fact that started to confuse my husband when he disciplined me  "How can it be punishment if you enjoy it?"  He insisted.  But it is!  It so is - if its done right.  And despite his confusion it usually was done right.   But I was still aroused by it and so was he.  So he got smart and instituted a new disciplinary practice he liked to call 'driving the lesson home.'

Can you figure out what it involved?  It was very effective!

So what do you think?  Is is it still punishment if you're aroused?  Why not check out an extended extract of a punishment spanking and arousal below.

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Arousal and Spanking in The Rancher's Woman

Tessa lay across Chance’s knee, feeling afraid and even more guilty. Everything he said was true. Especially about keeping things to herself. She was so painted into a corner. Would he ever forgive her when he found out what else she was hiding? Chastened, she made no protest against his previous pronouncement, just nodding in dread when he told her, “This’ll be a lot sorer than the first time.”
With that he let fly a flurry of ferocious spanks that turned her bare cheeks into an inferno. He wasn’t fooling about this hurting much more than the first time. She could hardly believe his hand could inflict such a blaze of pain for such a length of time. The spanking seemed to go on and on. She bucked futilely in his firm hold, opening and closing her legs and humping her thighs against his in an effort to hold back her tears. To her mortification, she lost that battle long before he stilled his hand on her painfully mottled globes, the tears running swiftly down her cheeks while he stroked her hair.
She laid across his knee sobbing and crying uncontrollably, her body juddering with little heaves. It hurt horribly, but her tears were just as much from the release of her guilt as the pain. He held his hand at the base of her back, massaging steadily. His other hand rubbing and squeezing her blazing bottom, he shifted her forward, parting her thighs so she knew her private parts would be blatantly exposed to him, bare as she was. He’d seen all of her already, even pleasured her thoroughly in this exact position, but she blushed to be on display now that he was punishing her.
Her embarrassment rocketed when his hand dipped further and encountered her engorged sex. Tessa groaned, burying her face in the leather of the couch, clutching at its worn softness for support. How could she be so swollen with need when her backside was so sore? She hated every moment of the outrageous blistering, so why did it arouse her so much?
“Relax, babe, don’t worry. Nothing to be ashamed of. You’re just wired this way,” Chance reassured her. She relaxed, surprised when any sense of shame disappeared at his words. “Only we got a problem ‘cause an arousal this hot cushions the blows. You won’t feel the pain so much. With you this primed, I’d have to lay on the belt harder than I want to have you feel it as much as you need.” He paused, hiking up her hips and cupping her sex with one large hand. “So I’m gonna take care of this, first.”
Tessa gasped at the strength of his hold, looking over her shoulder at him questioningly. “You are? But I thought…”
“It won’t feel good, not the way I’m gonna do it.”
Tessa swallowed. “It won’t? How… what… I don’t get it. How are you going to do it?” Surprisingly she felt no fear at his assertion. The spanking and her tears had performed their catharsis. She felt the same mellowness she felt the first time creeping over her. The same acceptance of her inevitable powerlessness under his hands.
“Like in the backseat, only harder, more forceful. You’ll come fast and fierce. It’ll be too intense for pleasure. It’s punishment, Tessa. Best just to go with it. Don’t fight it.”
Tessa nodded dazedly, turning back to settle into the hollow of the couch. Consciously letting go, her cheeks rounded, her thighs softly parting as she offered herself to his discipline. She smiled softly, feeling a small sense of power at his indrawn breath. Then it was her breath that was indrawn as he thrust the fingers of one hand forcefully between her thighs, rubbing her labia and clit hard and fast as he’d warned. Penetrating her firmly with two fingers of his other hand, he worked them in unison with such swiftness and strength that despite his warnings not to fight, she thrust forward, frantic to escape. It was no use, he had her thighs trapped securely between his own. There was nowhere to escape to. Bucking and howling madly, she felt her clit, labia, and inner center burn and explode along with the rest of her arching body.
Collapsing against him in panting whimpers, she only had a moment before he began to repeat the process. “No, no, Chance. Please, no more. It’s too much. I can’t take it.”
“Hush, babe. One more should do it and then we can get on with your belting.”
Howling through the next onslaught of too-intense stimulation, Tessa could hardly believe she was longing for the moment when he would apply the belt, so this particular brand of punishment would end. After the second forceful orgasm, shuddering sobs passed through her for a number of minutes. Chance let her come down, kneading her neck to encourage calmness, her head resting on her crossed arms as she regulated her breathing.
She understood now what he meant about her arousal cushioning the pain. She was much more aware of his touch, no longer caught up in a haze from the swollen pulse of her sex. Her parts were feeling raw and achy from the severe attention, but no longer puffed with desire. After a few minutes, she felt his hand leave her and she knew he was reaching for the belt. Turning to look, she watched in dark fascination as he wound the doubled length around his hand, shortening it so he could thrash her in position across his knee.
“Eyes front, hon. It’ll be easier on you if you don’t see it coming. Do I need to hold your hands? You need to keep them out the way. I don’t want to hit anything but your buttocks. Can you handle that? If you’re not sure, put your hands back and I’ll hold them in place.”
Tessa worried her lip in deliberation before placing her wrists in the hollow of her back. She felt relief when his firm hold encircled them, increasing her sense of security.
“Twenty strokes. I don’t expect you to count. This is gonna hurt too much for you to keep track.”
The whoosh of the belt through air signaled its descent before it cracked painfully across both buttocks just below her cleft. Tessa screamed at the intensity of the sting. The next stroke came fast on the other one, laid down beside the first, a little lower on her bottom. She was more prepared, no longer crying out, bursting into renewed tears instead. Chance worked the strokes methodically across her buttocks, working down as far as the curve of her underside where thigh and butt joined and back up to her cleft. The belt was thick and wide, wide enough that it covered Tessa’s backside with only a few strokes, so Chance had to repeat the trips from cleft to crease and from crease to cleft a number of truly dreadful times before he delivered the full twenty. The burn felt different from his hand, deeper, sorer, scorching her flesh with ridged pink wheals, the wheals darkening and swelling further when the belt struck them repeatedly on the trips up and down her agonized ass.
He was right, it did hurt too much to count, but she found herself counting the last two strokes in her head again after he finished. She imagined over the next few days she would continue to relive his agonizing application of the worst two of the twenty. He’d laid them down excruciatingly side by side, deliberately overlapping them halfway over each other to welt the center of her fleshy globes a deep, dark red.
Releasing her wrists, Chance said nothing, tossing the belt on the floor. Taking the action as a signal, Tessa scrambled awkwardly up from across his knees, hampered by her jeans and panties bunched around her boots. Curling into the corner of the couch, she angled her body, resting sideways on her knees with her bottom stuck out. She knew she must look a sight, but she didn’t care as she indulged in rocking and soothing, both hands clutching her well-leathered backside.
Chance sat quietly beside her for a few minutes and then took her in his arms, turning her into him, cradling her against his chest while she still rocked and clutched her bottom.
“I hate you,” she informed him amidst tears, sobs, and whimpers.
“Yeah. I’d hate me too,” he admitted in a long release of breath, rubbing her back and kissing the top of her head. “Come on.” Standing, he lifted her. Holding her carefully, he carried her down to the bathroom off her bedroom. “We could both use a shower.”
Setting her on her feet, he turned on the spray before stripping them both methodically. The warmth of the water felt good even though she yelped as it hit her punished ass. She could tell he’d selected the temperature to a lower level for her comfort. He turned her so the water ran over her soothingly rather than have the pulse hit her directly. The mix of her own herbal crème soap never felt so good as he gradually worked it over her body, paying special attention to her punished parts, not just her bottom but her pussy as well. She was achy from the forceful orgasms. She bit her lip and squirmed as he ran his large hands gently over her.
The contrast of his gentleness compared to the force of the chastisement was strangely erotic. Tessa felt her body respond. Licking her lips, she looked in admiration and lust at his tanned, muscular body. His shoulders were broad, his chest sculpted in a masculine V toward his waist. His hips moved into long legs that were strong, his thighs as muscular as the rest of him, built up by the physical work of the ranch. The feel of his body was even better than the look of it, his skin warm and surprisingly soft in places, rough in others. She loved that mix of tender toughness in him. Best of all given her state of arousal, his cock stood magnificently to attention, straining toward her, seeming to mirror her desire to have him inside her. She looked up, meeting his lust-glazed eyes. Surrounding his erect cock with her hands, she slowly, torturously started to work him.
“Oh, babe, that feels so good, but you don’t have to do that.”
“I want to, Chance. I know you said no satisfaction after a spanking, but this is for you, not me.”

“The rule is the same. But, hell…” He arched into her pleasuring hands. “Reckon we can make an exception. And not just for me. When we get out of here, I’m taking you to bed and I’m gonna use my mouth to give you the longest, slowest, softest orgasm ever.”


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