Saturday, 13 June 2015

J is for Julian West - Welcome to Saturday Spankings & Day 10 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

Welcome to Saturday Spankings Day 10 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

is for Julian West, my hero from HIS By Design.  Julian is my first hero that I crafted for a book.  I created him in the late '80's.  I was intent on creating a hero to deliberately counteract a domineering macho hero.  In my feminist writing mode of that time, I wanted to create a very subtle alpha male.

That's why its been so fun and illuminating, not to mention liberating, to recreate him in HIS By Design as a spanking alpha male.  He is still the tender, vulnerable guy I wanted to create, but he has a darker edge.  Its sexy!  At least I think so - judge for yourself.  In my teaser, Julian bends Claire over the dining room table as soon as they get home.  He punished her over the table that morning with a thorough strapping and plugged her for the day in retribution for hiding the fact that she was working with her ex. Now he's preparing to take her hard against her sore bottom with the plug still in.

“Claire, honey, you have no idea how amazing you look - all wet and glistening, your bottom hole plugged and your sweet ass cheeks welted from my strap.”  He ran his hands over her backside squeezing and massaging her sore bottom, drawing some loud winces and whimpering from her, “Mmm, you’re still very sore aren’t you, honey?” 
“Yes,” she moaned yet writhing and presenting her entrance for his attentions. 
“Good, you’ll really feel this pounding against you’re bottom.  Inside and out.  I’m not going to spare you. The fullness of the plug and your sore ass will drive the lesson home as well as heighten your pleasure.  You’re mine, Claire - this should remind you of that.”
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  1. Oops! Yeah, I can understand why she didn't confess what she was doing, but getting caught in that situation is not good at all, and I think she's beginning to realize that.

    1. I think so, Kathryn! Just wrote a review on Corbin's Boxed set - enjoyed A Simple Misunderstanding.

  2. I think that's an excellent reminder that she is his! Hott snippet:)

  3. Holy crap! That was HOT!! She will know without a doubt now that she is his. Wonderful snippet!!


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