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Cuddles and Confusion After a Spanking - A-Z Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

Welcome to Day 3 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

 is for Cuddles and Confusion both usual elements after a spanking.  Cuddles are necessary and inevitable after a spanking.  Nothing feels nicer than a cuddle sitting on the knee you were spanked across only moments before!
But there's also confusion.  Confusion that something that both hurt and humiliated you turns you on so much.  Just a mystery of the spanking kink!

So what do you think?  Can you do without cuddles after a spanking?  Are you or your partner confused that its a turn on> Why not check out an extended extract of a spanking with cuddles and confusion below.

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Cuddles and Confusion in HIS By Design

Julian slipped his hand under her skirt and squeezed her bottom fondly. “A punishment is an emotional experience as well as physical, Claire.”  His voice was husky.  “For both of us. We’ll both need cuddles. I want you to fall asleep in my arms afterwards and I wouldn’t leave you to wake up alone the next morning.”
 Claire snorted as a means to cover up the sudden overwhelming poignancy she felt flood her at the tenderness in his tone. “Jeez.  Why didn’t you tell me that was all it took to get you to sleep with me?  I’d have fucked up earlier.” She threw this at him tauntingly. She danced out of his arms removing herself from his reach before he could retaliate with the smacks she fully expected for her sass and her language.
He glared at her in mock anger, clearly struggling not to laugh. “We’ll see if you’re quite so cocky when you’re nursing a thoroughly walloped backside, young lady.”  He didn’t come after her as she half-expected, angling his head towards her bedroom instead. “Go and get ready, but before you do, bring me one of your tennis shoes. The ones with the rubber soles.  Go on.”  He added when she looked at him in horror, suddenly remembering the fine details of the punishment he’d outlined on Sunday evening.  How undignified.  Spanked bare bottomed across his knee with her own tennis shoe. She gulped and continued staring.
“Now, Claire.” Julian’s voice was an unmistakable order, any previous temptation to laugh no longer in evidence.
Taking a deep breath, she pulled up her panties in an attempt to regain some dignity before she turned and did as her told her.  Rummaging through the bottom of her tennis bag, she found the offending article.   Screwing up her nose she looked at the rubber sole and then smacked it sharply against her palm.  Yikes!  It hurt.  Her backside was in real trouble.  She also noticed thick traces of dirt on her hand.  She shouted out to Julian fishing for a possible reprieve.  “Are you sure you want to use this?  It’s kind of mucky.”
“Bring it out.  I’ll clean it off while you’re changing. Or I could always use the lochgelly tawse instead?  If you’d prefer that.”  Julian offered evilly.
Claire came rushing out. No way was she substituting her shoe for that horrid instrument of torture she’d seen amongst his various implements.  It was a real eye opener to see his stash.  He’d quite a variety.  Paddles, crops and straps – no canes thank goodness.  Susanna hadn’t cared for them, bless her.  He found them too impersonal as well he told her.  The lochgelly he’d ordered during the first year of his marriage from a specialist auction house. It was the real thing. Jeez how had Susanna managed to take a hiding with that horrid three tailed strap made of such thick leather?  Supple too now that he’d started oiling his straps again.  Just in case he needed them he’d told her ominously.  No her own tennis shoe was just fine, thank you very much.
Julian’s face was deadpan when she handed him the shoe, but his voice was rich with amusement at the swiftness of her capitulation.  He quirked his eyebrow sardonically.  “I take it that’s a ‘no’ to the lochgelly tawse?”  His lips quirked as he brought the tennis shoe down hard enough on his palm to make Claire jump. “Never mind, I’m sure this will make quite a sufficient impression.  Off you go, now.  Don’t keep me waiting too long.”
Claire stood her ground and glared at him. “Stop being so mean!  You don’t even have it with you.”
Julian fixed her with narrowed eyes. “It’s a simple matter for us just to pack you into the car dressed in your pajamas, along with a few of your things and head over to the beach house for the night.  Keep up this attitude and that’s exactly what we’ll do.”  He bent her shoe in half, making Claire think of how that flexible springiness she’d paid a fair bit extra for would contribute to its sting. “I strongly advise you not put me to that trouble, sweetheart.”


Julian laid the now clean tennis shoe on the arm of the couch and finished rolling up his sleeves.  He grinned, remembering Claire’s hasty retreat into her bedroom when he’d told her he might take her back to the beach house where she’d be subject to his various implements. Not that he’d use any of them for her first punishment spanking.  His hand and her tennis shoe would be more than enough. She didn’t need to know that well over half of his implements had never been put to any real use.
 He and Susanna had liked to collect implements. They’d given each of them at least one outing, but in general there were only a few tried and true items that he’d made use of for real discipline.  His hand mostly, a couple of paddles and a few straps.  He’d used a variety of Susanna’s own footwear on her too.  The fact that it was her own shoe or sandal, even slipper used to tan her bottom had leant an added indignity.  He’d every expectation that it would have the same effect on Claire.  The rubber sole would be particularly salutary.
He could hear her moving around in the bedroom and suspected she may be procrastinating. Her demand to ‘just get it over with’ was probably sincere at the time, but faced with the impending reality of the punishment, she’d likely become less eager.  No doubt she needed some encouragement.  “Claire.  Hurry up and get out here.  If I have to fetch you you’ll regret it.”
He heard a drawer slam hurriedly and she appeared at the door to her bedroom in her cotton pajamas, her golden hair pulled back in a ponytail.  Julian nodded approvingly, glad she’d chosen the set of striped, cotton pajamas with the full-length legs and t-shirt instead of her short silk camisole and cami knickers.  Those would not have set the tone he was striving for.  Far too much of a distraction.  Seemed she understood the spirit of the exercise.
Despite the wholesome nature of her pajamas, he still felt his cock stir at the sight of her. The prospect of turning her across his knee and baring her bottom for punishment made his pulse and blood pound.  He’d not punished a woman since Susanna.  It was an important landmark in his relationship with Claire.  He was determined to do it right.  Be careful. Gage how much she needed.  Not be too severe, but not too lenient either. 
His hard-on grew stiffer, but he schooled himself to ignore it. In Julian’s experience, real punishment and sex didn’t mix.  In the past he always lost his arousal when he punished Susanna for real. She didn’t enjoy punishments and she was never aroused during them either. The anticipation and later aftermath were highly sexually charged for both of them, but not the actual act of punishment or the immediate aftercare that followed. He wondered if it would be the same with Claire. Time to find out.
 “Come here, Claire.”  He ordered strictly, but still with tenderness and affection in his voice.  He wanted to set the right tone. Strict yet loving punishment.
 Claire swallowed and hesitated just for a moment before squaring her shoulders and walking determinedly over to him where he stood beside her couch. Pride filled him at her courage. She was scared.  He knew her too well not to see it even though she was striving to hide it.  Even so, he could see her nipples peaking under her thin PJ top.  The anticipation aroused her as well.  He couldn’t stop himself from wondering if she was as wet as he was hard.
Focus on the job at hand, West.  Pleasure can come later.


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