Saturday 3 October 2015

Deception Revealed and A Spanking Warning in HIS By Design - Welcome to Saturday Spankings

Hi All,

Its been a while since I've been here on Saturday Spankings.  Its great to be back and offering an eight sentence teaser from my erotic romance HIS By Design.  It 's on a Kindle Countdown Deal all this week at 99 cents so don't miss it! Now at #55 in Top 100 in BDSM!

In this extract, Julian turns up unexpectedly at Claire's office in order to treat her to lunch.  She is out on assignment and returns to see him talking to the new photographer who just happens to be her ex-lover. A fact she has kept from him. Despite her concerns over the potential consequences for her deception, Claire is disappointed when Julian appears not to be at all  jealous. He seems calmly unconcerned, until they leave for lunch together and he makes an apparently casual inquiry about a party they are attending that evening.

     When he spoke again his voice was as even as before,“So the party this evening – sit down dinner or buffet and cocktails?”
    Unbalanced by the apparent change of subject, Claire took a few moments to answer him. “Sit down dinner.”
    “Hmm.  Unfortunate for you, considering you’re going to be sitting on a well strapped bottom,” he told her in a low conversational tone.
    She looked at him then. Despite his easy tone, the steel in his eyes was unmistakable. Gulping, she dropped her gaze guiltily. There was no point in acting like she didn’t know what he was talking about.

The year a mutual friend introduces Julian West to Claire Fitzpatrick, they are both grieving the loss of a loved one.  Regardless, it is the start of an enduring friendship. A friendship where both comfortably forget the sizzling attraction that flared between them when they first met. Now, six years on, that attraction has re-emerged and as their romance blossoms, it is not long before he takes her across his knee to deliver lengthier bare bottomed spankings both erotic and disciplinary.  But neither of them is prepared for the deep love they each come to feel, but are unsure the other shares. When Claire's ex-lover reappears on the scene and Claire suspects Julian has never stopped loving his late wife, they must decide if they will go their separate ways or if theirs will be a love designed to last. 


  1. And so begins the shopping for today. Sounds too good to pass up.

  2. I like this, no anger, no fussing, but he gets his point across perfectly and we all know the sit down dinner will be somewhat painful.

    1. There's a bit of a twist. She is even naughtier, later!

  3. I was right behind Leigh and got my copy. As for anger, he may not show it, but I suspect he's less than pleased by the information her ex gave him. He may not be angry, precisely, but she is going to pay for her deception.

  4. Welcome back, Helen! Great snippet. Wishing you many sales!