Saturday, 22 October 2016

Intimate Knowledge - Caught and Punished!

Hi Everyone,
Great to be back on Saturday Spankings! It's been a while. It's been a glorious summer and a gorgeous fall here in England and Belgium where I was working for part of the summer.Off there again this morning for three weeks. Working but hoping to write as well.
My extract today is from my e-serial Intimate Knowledge. I'm rewriting it here and here and working on the next episode and plan to re-publish soon. It is an undercover cop and mafia romance.
We join the two main characters Raisa (undercover) and Leo (mafia) at a Boston nightclub where he has caught her trying to meet someone to as her BFF put 'f**k him right out of her system.' Naturally, she's in trouble, especially as she's wearing a very slutty outfit. At this point, after two very painful swats to her behind, he's marched her off to a private corridor and ripped off her far too revealing dress, leaving her in only her panties and heels...

I cross my hands over my naked breasts.  I can’t help comparing how different this feels from this afternoon when he freed them with tender passion using his hands and mouth to provide me with sweet, succulent pleasure. Strangely, shamefully, it’s no less arousing.
“Drop your hands.”
I obey him, dropping them to my side, but I refuse to drop my eyes.  Matching his piercing stare, I lift my chin.  Penitence or appealing to his pity is not working, maybe bravado will.  He leans into me, bracing one hand flat on the wall at either side of my head, caging me.  
Speaking close to my ear he warns in a quietly, ominous tone, “If I ever catch you dressed like that again, you won’t sit for a week.” He pauses to run his hand over the burning flesh of my buttocks before he continues. “That’s not an exaggeration, Raisa.  For the simple reason that each and every day of that week, I’ll take you across my knee for a severe thrashing - is that clear?”

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  1. Oh, my. This gives me the chills, in a good way. Awesome snippet!

  2. I'd say he's VERY serious. She may be trying to put him aside, but he's not budging.

  3. He means business! Nice excerpt! :-)


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