Monday, 16 January 2017

Only One Spot Away!! Her Keeper #2 in Bestsellers #blushingbooks #bestsellers #romance

Almost There! Her Keeper #2 in Bestsellers at Blushing Books. Thank you and big hugs to all my wonderful readers who make that possible! Still 40% off! Love to make that #1 Spot! How about some reviews guys!


Didn't make it in time for satspanks but here's an short excerpt anyway! Sara is telling her best friend Lisa about the incident in college that has made her hold a grudge against Rick.

“Oh, Sara! No wonder he did what he did. Don’t you know anything about men, never mind young, hormonal men? You challenged him in front of his frat buddies about his car!”
“Fine! I get that he acted on impulse. The frat herd mentality even, but he’s never apologized.”
“Maybe he doesn’t feel like apologizing. Maybe he feels you deserved it. Have you ever considered that maybe you did? That’s one fine car you messed with. And it's not a ding, BTW, it's a definite dent!”
“I can’t believe you just said that. How could I deserve it? He beat me, Lisa.”
“Stop being so dramatic. He spanked your drunk, sassy, little ass. He did not assault you. Jeez, spanking is rife at those parties. They have frat paddles for fuck’s sake! You’re lucky he didn’t use one.”
“Someone handed him one. He turned it down.”
“See, you were lucky. He let you off easy.” She looks across the distance between our two properties at the two men standing on the dock. She gives a low, appreciative growl. “That is one gorgeous man. If you don’t want him, be prepared to move over, girlfriend. He can spank my ass, any day.”


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