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Curious About A Spanking - Tessa Plays A Dangerous Game #satspanks #romanticexcerpt #westernromance

My teaser is from  A Done Deal a re-released, revised version of my #1 best selling western romance The Rancher's Woman.  Set in the small Wyoming town of Hope Junction, A Done Deal is Tessa and Chance's love story.  Tessa has just moved to town to start a new business and Chance is the local rancher who falls for her. Tessa and Chance have just returned from the weekend at the Williams family cookout to discover Tessa's door unlocked.  Tessa knows she locked her door and that this must be the work of her prowlers. Not wanting to come clean over the prowlers to Chance that night, she lets him believe she left it unlocked.  Curious as to how Chance might discipline her for an offence like this,
Tessa consciously baits him by telling him "It's no big deal."  Chance's response to her flippancy leaves her in no doubt that it is a very big deal indeed and that baiting him is a dangerous game.  But when Tessa recognizes his genuine concern, she feels guilty for worrying him and quickly does her best to reassure him.

“Didn’t I tell you to always lock up, since that very first night?” 
He stared at her full on, the look on his face making it clear he expected an answer. Tessa opened her mouth, but no sound emerged - her throat was dry. Swallowing, she was finally able to blurt out, “Yes. I usually always do - don’t worry, Chance, I’ll be more careful, I promise.”

It was the right thing to say. Sensing her genuine remorse, he relaxed. Letting out a long breath, he ran both his hands back through his hair in an easier motion, “Okay.” He gave her a strict stare, “Good thing you changed your tune, babe, otherwise you’d be across my knee right now for some serious attitude adjustment and believe me, I’d not be so gentle, this time.”

Tessa doesn't feel guilty for long as you can read in the extended extract below the links list


"Way I see it, you and me... we're a done deal."

Chance Williams determination is more than Tessa Anderson bargains for when she moves to Hope Junction, Wyoming. Sure, she's attracted to the tall handsome rancher, but she's thinking just some romance and a bit of sexy fun. She isn't looking to fall in love.  She's especially not looking to fall in love with a man who has ideas as old fashioned as Chance's.  Ideas that include a protective streak a mile long. Not to mention a firm hand he's not afraid to use. And, oh yeah - a ring on her finger.

Tessa's firmly fixed on launching her new herb and seed business. The little bungalow she rents from Chance is perfect for her new venture. When an unexplained fire and strange goings on at the property start to threaten her success and maybe even her safety, Tessa has to come to terms with her wayward desires and her hesitant heart.

She might just have to accept that Chance is right about them.

They're a done deal.

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Extended Extract

“Everything looks okay. The door doesn’t seem to show signs of being forced. Are you sure you locked it?” He didn’t give her time to answer before heading her toward her bedroom. Encouraging her through the open door, he told her, “Go on in and have a look around. I’ve had a good look from the door, but I want you to check more thoroughly in there. I’ve checked out all the other rooms.” She felt his breath at her ear. “Didn’t want to snoop in your bedroom without you there, babe.”
Mollified at his discretion despite his presence in her bed the three nights before, she looked around, relieved to see nothing seemed disturbed. She let out a long breath. Time to put her plan into action. Let him think she left the door unlocked. Walking back out, she shook her head, looking at him in reassurance. “Looks fine.” She shrugged, sweeping past him offhandedly. “Like you said, the door’s not forced, so I guess I must’ve forgotten to lock it.” Halfway down the hallway, she threw casually over her shoulder, “No big deal.”
“No big deal!” All in all, his voice was more restrained than she expected, even if it did seem to rattle every window in her little bungalow.
“No. Big. Deal. Therese Marie, did I hear you right?”
Tessa bit her lip and didn’t look back at him. Her heart was pounding, marveling at her audacity. She knew she was playing a dangerous game, but she couldn’t help herself. Shrugging again as she walked down the hall to the kitchen, she deliberately ignored his question. “You want some tea?”
“No, I do not want some fucking tea!” Chance caught up with her in two strides. Taking her by the elbow, he marched her into the lounge, twirling her around swiftly to face his furious olive stare. “Explain yourself, woman.”
Tessa gulped. Shit, he was really mad, madder than she thought he could get. He never swore and his eyes were blazing green fire. Suddenly this was no longer a game. It hit Tessa that pissing off her tall, strong, alpha-male boyfriend who believed in spanking his woman hard when she misbehaved, whether she liked it or not, was far from smart. Worrying her lip, she tried to reason with him. “I guess I forgot to lock up. But seriously, Chance, you said yourself there’s never been a burglary around here. So I don’t understand why you’re so worried.”
He was in no mood to be reasoned with. His stance grew rigid and his eyes blazed even more, his face taking on a stern anger that was very scary. It’d be hot if she wasn’t so afraid of the hiding she was pretty sure she had coming. The curious urges she had back at the cookout disappeared in the face of the reality of his wrath. He wasn’t mad at all the one time he spanked her, just good-naturedly determined. Yet it had hurt. A lot. What would a spanking from him feel like when he was this furious?
“I don’t give a damn how safe it might seem! There’s a first time for everything and that one time is all it takes for you to be in danger. I’ve a hard enough time coping with you living here alone without having to worry about you failing to take your safety seriously.” Taking off his Stetson, he threw it on the side table in a manner that indicated his mood. Running his hand through his thick, dark hair, he took a deep breath and looked away.
Tessa’s heart melted. He never said a word about that before. His unguarded comment revealed he worried about her here alone, yet his never mentioning it showed he was making a clear effort to respect her right to do so. Tessa felt like a rotten little shit for playing around with his fears. She felt especially guilty she was misleading him when she might actually be in danger. Only she couldn’t come clean now. Not when he was this mad. Maybe not ever. If he was this mad because she was flippant about locking her door, she was truly dreading his reaction when he discovered her subterfuge over the past weeks.
He continued to look away for what seemed an interminable time, but was probably only a minute or two. When he turned back, he was less scary. He must have spent the time getting a grip on his temper, as his voice was more controlled. “Didn’t I tell you to always lock up? Since that very first night?”
He stared at her full on, the look on his face making it clear he expected an answer. Tessa opened her mouth, but no sound emerged. Her throat was dry. Swallowing, she was finally able to blurt out, “Yes. I usually always do. Don’t worry, Chance. I’ll be more careful, I promise.”
It was the right thing to say. Sensing her genuine remorse, he relaxed. Letting out a long breath, he ran both his hands back through his hair in an easier motion. “Okay.” He gave her a strict stare. “Good thing you changed your tune, babe. Otherwise you’d be across my knee right now for some serious attitude adjustment. And believe me, I’d not be so gentle, this time.”
Sitting on the arm of the couch, he pulled her into his arms, perching her on his knee, his voice now sexily growly rather than angry. “Which would be a damn shame considering what I have in mind,” he told her before grabbing her buttocks and pulling her into his body for a sizzling kiss. Holding her tight, his breath ragged, he snuggled her into him, murmuring in her ear. “Sure would’ve been a pity to miss out on what I’ve planned just because you needed this sweet little ass of yours well whipped.”
Looking back on it later, Tessa was never quite sure exactly what set her off. There were so many factors. The speculation and confused feelings brought on by the other women’s talk? His exciting, forceful roughness with her in the backseat of his truck? The seesaw of emotions between pent-up anger and anticipation during the drive back? The door unlocked and her silly little game-playing that his anger and show of vulnerability brought to a swift halt? The worry and guilt these past weeks over the incidents on the property, along with her ambivalence over either hiding them or confessing to him? Or was it his quick change of mood and unequivocal declaration that the evening would turn out as he planned? That she would either get a hot ass or a hot fuck depending on his decree?
Whatever the reason, Tessa saw red. Pushing out of his arms, she put a distance between them, giving voice to her angry, mixed-up feelings. “Oh, right! So I either get a whipping or a fucking, but not both. Is that it, boss?” She threw this at him sarcastically, ridiculing the title she knew his men used respectfully. Taking a perverse satisfaction in his shocked look, she walked away from him to the front door that was off the lounge. Dismissing the fact that his truck was out back, she opened it with a dramatic flourish, demonstrating that she was kicking him out. “Well, how about neither? Goodnight. And don’t worry. I’ll make sure I lock the door after you take your plans and your sorry ass through it.”
Tessa wasn’t quite sure what she expected from him, but a quiet smile after the first initial shock left his features was not it. She watched in frustration as he leaned back against the leather of the couch with a slow, easy folding of his arms across his chest. His failure to react as she expected made her even madder. “I said goodnight, Chance.” She stood up straighter and held the door wider.
His smile deepened and he nodded, answering her with his easy drawl. “I heard you.”
“Right! So?” She looked at him pointedly.
He leaned back even more, but his voice was quietly firm. “Close the door, Therese Marie.”
“Fuck you.”
From a shocked distance, Tessa wondered who was this stupid woman invading her body and shooting off her mouth, but she was powerless to stop her. What was the matter with her? If she kept this up, she might never sit again or even worse, he might actually leave.

* * *

Chance looked across the room at his furious girlfriend, who was making a good show of trying to throw him out of his own property. A girlfriend he’d hoped would be his fiancĂ©e before the night was over. Considering her current mood, Chance admitted he might’ve over judged that result. Things didn’t seem to be heading that way. Looked like instead of proposing and making love to her, he needed to get to the bottom of things. Literally.
Despite his outward calm, he was torn between the fierce desire to spank her senseless or fuck her equally as senseless. Hell, who was he kidding, he wanted to do both. He would at any other time after they were engaged, but it was hardly an appropriate accompaniment to his proposal. Frustrated at the turn of events, he told her exactly what she was risking. “Keep this up and you just might get both. You trying to push me into giving you a whipping and punishment sex for our first time? That what you want, babe? It’s not my preference, but I’d hate to disappoint you.”
“Screw your preferences. I heard enough about them from your sisters-in-law. Get the fuck out.” She pulled the door open in a fit of anger that made it bounce off the wall so it almost hit her.
He sat up and gave her one of his penetrating stares, vaguely registering the comments about his sisters-in-law, focusing on calming her down instead. “Alright, Tessa, that’s enough. Be careful. You’ll hurt yourself at this rate. I’ll overlook your cussing seeing as how I was remiss myself, earlier, but no more. Understand?” He shifted on the arm of the couch, deliberately not standing. Tessa felt threatened right now. He might not know what the hell had got into her, but he knew that much. Dwarfing her with his height would not be a good move. He had to make her feel secure. Then he would be able to mete out the discipline she was indirectly demanding.
Tessa looked at him belligerently, but conceded him the point. “Fine.” She crossed her arms and lifted her chin mutinously. “But I still want you to leave,” she insisted unconvincingly, her change in tone indicating her burst of temper had dissipated some of her anger.
“Don’t add fibbing to your sins, missy.” He lifted an eyebrow and stared her down, letting her know he knew damn well she’d be upset if he left. She met his eye, unrepentant.
“Stop treating me like a naughty child. Your brothers’ wives might put up with it, but I’m with Janey in this. It’s the twenty-first century; I don’t have to give in to your whims and decrees just because you and all your family have a kink.”
Dammit, so that’s what she meant about his sisters-in-law. Janey really was a brat, winding Tessa up. He refrained from telling her that her tone and stance made her seem exactly like a naughty child. Chance knew when not to shoot his mouth off. “That’s why you were quiet at the fire pit. Was it just Janey or did Cally get her two cents’ worth in as well?” He nodded at the look that crossed her face confirming his suspicion. Ty and Wes were both going to be exercising their right arm tomorrow once he let them know what their women had been up to. “I know Steph and Suzy would never confuse you this way. Did you at least listen to what they had to say? It’s not a kink, Tessa. It’s a tried and true tradition.”
“It’s abuse!”
Chance fought his immediate rush of anger, clamping down on the irate, dismissive rejoinder he wanted to throw at her. Tessa was panicking, tussling with her feminist scruples. No matter how much he was insulted by them, they were valid concerns. He had to meet them head on.
He lowered his voice, trying to keep it firm but tender. “You really feel that way, babe? Look at me, Tessa. Think about this real careful. If you can look me straight in the eye and tell me that’s how you really feel, then I’ll respect that.” He was quiet for a while, letting what he said sink in. She looked at him and then looked away and he let go of his breath, hardly aware he’d been holding it in. “I love you, Therese Marie. I’d never want to do anything to you that made you feel abused.”
She dropped her arms, some of the tension leaving her body. “Alright, fine. I admit I didn’t feel abused.”
Chance’s own tension lessened at her all-important admission, but his relief was halted when he saw frustrated confusion spread across her features. Her voice was equally confused. “But I should! Why didn’t I? It hurt! It was humiliating! And… and…” she flounced and threw herself on the couch beside him, “…it turned me on… and… it… excited me.”
Elation filled Chance. She was perfect! She might be struggling with her confused reactions but ultimately she desired his discipline. It was all he could do not to take her in his arms, but he knew he had to let her be to work through her feelings.
 “I just don’t get it. I’m afraid of it, but it thrilled me that you’re strong enough to do it. At least it did until all that talk came up with the women at the cookout. Now I’m just confused and mad at you. And I don’t know why. Except I’m worried Cally was right and you’re biding your time to punish me for the fire. Are you?” She turned to look at him at this, but rushed on without giving him a chance to answer. “And this is my home. I pay rent. I don’t need you to unlock my own door for me. I should be able to leave it unlocked if I feel like it!”
Chance reached over and massaged her shoulders until he felt some more of the tightness leave her. His initial urge to take her in his arms wasn’t what she needed. They needed more than that to clear the air. She needed him to address her behavior. To reassure her that he would give her the discipline she craved. Help her come to terms with the disciplinary dynamic between them. Placing his hands at his belt, he undid it and pulled it through the loops. Unclasping the large buckle, he put it on the small table to the side of the couch. The click of it got Tessa’s attention and she turned, her eyes widening when she saw him doubling his belt.
“Chance?” She shimmied away from him across the couch, shaking her head.
“Reckon you need that attitude adjustment after all, babe." 

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