Sunday, 9 November 2014

Ok - So How About That Cover? Amazon Gift Certificates to Win!

Two $10 Gift Certificates to Win!

I create my own covers for my books and I am always in a quandry over them. Most notably my Her Keeper e-serial cover. I created it on a whim, much as I created the short story that started my most popular series! I had other covers created, including the one I use on the complete book. 

I was scrolling through showing them to my daughter and she went,

 "Whoa, scroll back that's definitely the one."

 "Really?" I said

 "Oh Yeah." said hot and bothered newly-wed daughter.

 (She'd be mortified that I'm writing this, but as she refuses to join my circles, facebook etc I'm safe!)

Frankly the cover and the title embarrass me! When people ask I mumble the title and the cover brings a blush to my cheeks and not in the same way it did my daughter! I currently have a promo on Kindle Nation Daily and was thinking of replacing the cover before it ran. I didn't in the end and showed the post to my daughter.

 "Damn that cover. Too bad my husbands out of town."

 I thoroughly agree as I eagerly await the baby they're trying for! (Frustrated grandmother noises). Anyway this is just a silly preamble to my poll. What do you think of the cover? I'm offering two prizes a subscription to Kindle Unlimited or a $10 Gift Certificate for:

1. The best comment negative or positive. Making me laugh but still helpful works best
2. Would this make you buy the book or put you off?  Offer Alternative suggestions or words and or pics.

Looking forward to your comments.

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