Saturday, 8 November 2014

Saturday Spankings - Her Keeper - Getting His Attention #satspanks #excerpt #freebooks #freepromo #herkeeper

 Hi Everyone,
My teaser this week is from my popular Her Keeper serial. Written in the first person from Rick and Sara's alternating POV, this excerpt is through Sara's eyes. At this point in the story, Rick has arrested Sara on the charge of Reckless Endangerment for dangerous driving.  He does not intend to follow through with the charge, but blazing mad with her for putting herself in so much danger, he is determined to teach her a lesson. After he subjects her to an invasive frisking, Sara tries to use his very evident desire for her to change his mind about the charge by pushing back against his erection.  She is mortified when his response to her awkward come on is to pick her up, put his foot on the bumper of her car and turn her over his raised knee…
Raising his hand again, he spanks me hard and swift, three times on each cheek, one right after the other, each smack harder than the next.  I yelp loudly after each blow, distressed at how much the short, quick spanking hurts, an indication of how angry he is with me. 
 “You think you can wriggle your hot little ass against my dick and I’ll ignore this; make it go away?  Huh – is that it?”
Giving full force to his anger, he spanks me five times on each cheek, a total of ten.  The spanking hurts so much that the psychological impact of the punishment overrides my desire and I feel like a naughty little girl instead of the sexual woman he was hot for moments before.  The feeling gives him an even more profound connection and power over me.  I feel powerless as I whimper and sob across his knee.
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