Wednesday, 19 November 2014

WIP IT UP Wednesday #wipitup - Following Through in Claiming Claire

Welcome to WIP IT UP Wednesday. #wipitup. My extract today is from my WIP currently titled Claiming Claire.  This is a rewrite of my contemporary romance Chances & Choices .  Written for the mainstream it just has a few spanking threats.  I'm having great fun adding in all those missing spankings.  In this extract, Claire naughtily tripped Julian out on the beach in order gain time to beat him getting changed.  When Julian playfully threatens her, Claire can't resist challenging him.


He stood up when she entered and looked at her in pretended fierceness.  "Minx.  I ought to take you across my knee."
"Huh!  You and whose army."  She threw at him saucily to combat the hot flood to her pelvis at his threat.  When he advanced purposely towards her, she gulped, her bravado deserting her.  Squealing, she turned tail and fled in an attempt to reach the relative safety of his car. 
She wasn’t quick enough.  His arms were around her before she was even halfway up the dining room steps.  Lifting her off her feet, he pulled her back against him so his lips were just behind her ear.  She felt his hot breath and heard his sexy growl mixed with amusement.   “An army, huh?  That’s big talk for a little minx.  A very naughty, little minx who needs a lesson in fair play. You really shouldn’t throw out challenges like that, Claire.  You ought to know it will only get you in trouble.  ”
Claire squealed even more at his words.   Partly with laughter, partly with a thrill of fear and definitely with a liberal dose of desire.  Her whole body felt hot, her pulse throbbing at how closely this fit with her thoughts over dinner the night before.  When other men had threatened her teasingly this way, the result was a chase similar to this.  None of them ended with the promised spanking.  Instead, the roughhousing moved on to tumbled laughter and kissing.  She enjoyed the kissing and what it led to, but always felt deflated when the desire aroused by the threat of the spanking was unfufilled.  She wasn’t sure if she’d feel the same desire if she was actually spanked, but as Julian held her close in his powerful arms, her heart pounded desperately with the hope that she was finally about to find out.  Would he follow through or would he just end this in laughter and a few kisses like the others?
Typically, Julian didn’t let her down.  Before she knew it, he’d hoisted her over his shoulder and was carrying her purposefully towards the couch.  Remembering her feisty statement earlier, she figured she really should put up a bit of fight.  Punching his back and kicking her legs, she berated him.  “Julian West, don’t you dare!  I'll never speak to you again!  Not ever!”
He laughed outright as he sat down and arranged her across one knee, stilling her flailing legs by placing his leg across them.  “Come on, Claire!  We both know that's an idle threat.  We're too solid for that.”
Lying prone across his knee, her body effectively under his control, Claire suddenly felt outrageously vulnerable.  She looked at the plush carpet beneath her gaze and wanted to be facing upright.  Fantasy was one thing, reality quite another.  She pushed upwards, trying to rise up from over his powerful thigh.  Despite her sudden ambivalence, she found herself baiting him by throwing out another challenge guaranteed to seal her fate.  “Julian!  No!  Don’t you dare!  I mean it!”
“Too late, Claire.” 
Claire tried another tactic.  “No fair!  This breaks our ‘no sexual stuff yet’ truce.”
“Give it up, Claire.  You’re getting a spanking.  I’ll take it easy seeing as how this is your first time.”  His tone was still amused, but his arm across her back was intractable, his determination quietly steely.  “And this doesn’t break our truce.  Taking down your pants and spanking your bare bottom, now that would break our truce.” 


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