Saturday, 22 November 2014

#SatSpanks Saturday Spankings - Her Keeper 1 Part 1 - Rick's Softer Side.

Hi Everyone, 

Ooops missed it again, but posting anyway.  My teaser this week is another eight sentences (a few more than eight but there are a lot of short sentences so fits the rules) from my popular Her Keeper serial.  This time its from my first installment,Her Keeper1 Part 1 . Written in the first person from Rick and Sara's alternating POV, this excerpt is through Sara's eyes.  At this point in the story, Sara has changed her tactics and appealed to Rick's softer side.  She's surprised him and herself by promising to behave and do as she's told if he removes the cuffs before taking her into Ginny's diner.  After consideration he agrees, but it comes with a price: 

 “Okay, I’ll take the cuffs off, but only with quid pro quo. I’d like the benefit of your softer side too, so you have to give me a forfeit.” 

I look at him suspiciously. “A forfeit?” 

He laughs at my wary tone. “Yes, a forfeit.”  He leans in and tells me huskily. “I get to kiss you.” 

“Kiss me?” I say it like he's crazy and is asking for something ludicrous, which, given our history, I feel he is. 

He laughs again, richly and unrestrained and the sound of it flows in waves, warming me all the way through as he moves even closer to me and speaks with a teasing, seductive whisper in my ear. “Yeah. I want to give you a long, slow, wet kiss…with tongue, without having to worry about your knee in my groin, you biting my lips, or spitting in my mouth. You don’t have to kiss me back, but you do have to let me kiss you for as long as I want.” 

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  1. Now i wonder how long she can hold out until she finds herself kissing him back. Lovely snippet :)

    1. Not long, Constance. Not long at all.


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