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#wipitup WIP IT UP Wednesday Hope Junction - New Girl in Town.

Welcome to WIP IT UP Wednesday. #wipitup. M
y work in progress(WIP) today is from my cowboy spanking romance currently titled Hope Junction.  Set in the small Wyoming town of Hope Junction, it is Tessa and Chance's love story.  Tessa has just moved to town to start a new business and Chance is the local rancher who falls for her.  In this extract  they are on their first date at the local saloon when there is an unexpected change of entertainment.


The owner of the bar, the actual Jolene, picked up the microphone and asked for everyone’s attention.  “Howdy, folks.  Hope you’re all having your usual good time here at my little place.  Tonight I’ve somethin’ a little different for you.  Friend of mine is visiting from Casper and she convinced me that you good people of Hope Junction would just love Latin dancing.  Her and her partner are kind enough to offer us a demonstration and a quick intro lesson.  Now, I’m not stupid.  I know most of you men are just holdin’ your tongues on account of she’s my guest, but you keep an open mind, now.” 
There was a ripple of laughter and a few hoots as Jolene plugged an iPod into the sound system and the room filled with the sizzle and sway of Latin dance music.
“Oh, salsa.  I love Latin dancing and music.”  Tessa looked up at Chance with a beaming glow as she began to keep time with the rhythm and move her feet in a few steps.
“Well lookie, here.  We got ourselves a little lady who knows the steps already.  That right, Tessa.”  Tessa stopped moving and colored right up as all the attention of the bar turned to her after Jolene’s observation.
“Um, yeah a little, I guess.”  She looked up at Chance pleadingly, her natural shyness overtaking her. 
“Hey there, Jolene.  Quit picking on my girl and just get this demonstration up and runnin’.”  Chance laughed good-naturedly.
“Sure thing, Chance, but I reckon you and Tessa’ll be one of the first couples up for the intro lesson.”  She winked and then added to Tessa.  “Get working on him, girl.  If you can persuade Chance Williams to move to Latin, we can get the rest of the men up here.  That right, boys?”
There were more cat calls, hoots and grumbling from the men with laughter from the women and then the lights were dimmed.  A showy couple in a bright Latin dancing outfit paraded on to the floor.  They were a splendid sight blazing into the little saloon causing a hush to fall over the room.  The couple created such an exciting spectacle of color and movement that Chance found himself swaying a little.  A fact he didn’t cotton on to until Tessa bumped hips with him, saucily.  He looked down to see her eyes alight with teasing and excitement.  Guess her enjoyment of the dance was chasing away her shyness.  He liked that, the way she lost her reserve and was caught up in the action of the moment.
The dance ended and there was an outburst of applause.  The couple bowed showily, the man twirling the woman from side to side as they acknowledged the crowd’s praise.  The lights went up and Jolene stepped forward.  “Alright then who’s up for givin’ it a try?  Tessa?  Chance?  What do ya say?”
Chance took in Tessa’s look mixed with pleading and challenge.  Groaning, he listened to the Saturday night crowd’s hoots and hollers.  Damn!  He was screwed.


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  1. Latin dance is SO sexy. I love this scene and how it puts Chance on the spot to dance with Tessa. I'm picturing him fumbling a few times and giggling. Can't wait for more of this one, Helen.
    Great build up ☺

  2. Hi Melody

    Thanks I love Latin too. Yeah liked putting Chance on the spot. However, he's no ordinary man. My alpha men don't fumble or giggle lol.


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