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Masturbation Monday-Intimate Knowledge-Caught in the Act! #MasturbationMonday #erotic #excerpt

My scene today is from Intimate Knowledge 1 Part 2 (Detective & Desires) . Released in multiple volumes it is an ongoing e-serial.  Leo Gold, cultured, half-Italian heir apparent to the nefarious Boston, Gold crime family, has no idea Raisa Gordon is a vice detective when he falls for her. The FBI use the opportunity to place her undercover as romantic bait to infiltrate the Gold operation. Trouble is Raisa finds him impossible to resist, especially as he has an uncanny understanding of her long hidden, dark need for domination and discipline. In this scene Leo has just informed her in graphic details of his intentions towards her.  Outwardly managing to keep her cool she makes her escape to cope with the overwhelming desire he arouses in her: 

I maintain my bland expression, but my body and inner turmoil threaten to betray me big time.  I need to get away from his blatant magnetism.  Breaking his stare with a blink, I make my escape by using every woman’s natural refuge.  With a muttered excuse, I head to the john.  Walking slowly at first, I practically break into a run once I am out of his sight.
It’s Leo.  Get used to saying it.  To the feel of it on your tongue.
How could he manage to make the simple practice of saying his name seem so shatteringly erotic?  I feel weak as I surrender to the chemistry I managed to resist in the gallery.  Turning on the tap, I run cold water over my wrists.  My pulse and breathing gradually achieve normality as I lay my forehead against the mirror.  I give myself a long, hard, appraising look.  My cheeks are flushed, my breasts are moving in little heaves, my eyes are aglow.  Even worse, what the mirror fails to reveal are my clenched pelvis and wet pussy. 
This cannot keep up, Raisa girl.  You need some serious intervention here.  Yeah, intervention.  Exactly!  I look around.  The room is deserted.  Although I know we're the only visitors to the gallery this afternoon, the taboo nature of my intention makes me check the cubicles just to be sure.  I settle myself in the small seating area.  The chair I choose faces a mirror that reflects the door so I'll know if I'm in danger of interruption in the midst of my guilty pleasure.
It shouldn’t take too long.  His image has always managed to bring me off in a matter of minutes.  Now I'm familiar with the real thing it should be even faster.  I usually have my vibrator to help the process, but with my state of high arousal since this morning, along with his slick brand of mind fuckery out there in the gallery, I reckon my hands will do just fine.  Unzipping and slipping my fingers down into my jeans, I swipe along my panties.  They're soaked.  I gasp as my fingers brush against my wet, engorged clit.  Sweet Jesus, I'm so primed.
Lying back, I sink into the luxury of remembering the magnificent view of him this morning.  His tanned, oiled torso.  The rippling muscles, tight abs and pecs.  His shirt stretching across his shoulders as he gulped down that beer with a primal growl.  I press on my clit, rotating my hips.  He had to have been rock hard when he saw me.  I imagine him grinding that hardness cruelly against me and I arch into him.  I remember the look on his face that told me how much he wanted me.  I follow that through in my mind coupling it with the heat of his declaration at the exhibit.  He picks me up and carries me off, throwing me on his bed.
My imagining breaks down a bit here, as I've no picture in my mind for his bedroom.  I switch the scene to his study as he thrusts me down to sink into the leather of his two-seater.  I can almost smell the leather and feel his hard cock grind against my clit.  Oh God, yes, yes.  That’s good, so good.  I thrust my hand down into my panties, applying deep, long fast strokes to my labia and clit.  I turn to my side picturing him behind me on the chair spooned against my body, his hand down my panties, stroking firm and fast, his long fingers pinching, pressing and circling.  His voice and tongue are hot in my ear.
My name, cara…you will be moaning it and screaming it when I'm thrusting deep inside you.
“Leo.”  It is wrung out of me along with the shattering orgasm.  “Leo.”  I gasp it and collapse, my breath coming in heaves.  Oh my God, that was f***ing kickass.  I lie back against the chair with my eyes closed and let the spasms leave me and do their sweet work.  At least now, I won’t be so sexually wound up around him.  Or such a wimp around his disarming charisma.
As the afterglow sweeps over me, unbidden sensations steal in.  I feel his arms supporting me, stopping me from falling, his voice in my ear.  “Careful, Raisa, it’s a very, long way down.”  The heat of his body behind me, the support of his arms.  “You’re safe, cara.  Relax.  I have you.”
I shiver at the memory and then it merges into desire.  His arms hold me close in the afterglow, his rich voice thick with intimacy.  ….the feel of my name on your tongue. 
His long fingers capture my cheek and chin as he turns my head up to meet his lips and kiss me possessively. 
Only it's no longer in my head.  NO.  No.  Noo! 
My eyes fly open and I look across to the mirror, my heart pounding at his touch, his startling materialization standing behind me shocking me out of my daydream.  F**k!  Where did he come from?  Immersed in my pleasure he must've entered without my hearing. 
Please, please don't let it be that he came in when I was coming.  Please let it be that he only saw the very end of my self-help scenario.  Please do not let him have witnessed my pathetic girly abandon to orgasmic delight over him.
The heat in his eyes doesn’t leave me much hope and I decide attack is the surest form of defense.  I sit up, zip my jeans and pull away from his touch sending him an accusing look in the mirror.  No way can I turn to face him.
“What're you doing?  This's the ladies’ room.  You can’t just walk in here and creep up on me.”
Placing a hand on either side of me on the back of the chair, his reflection gives me a knowing look as he tells me in a sensual tone.  “Oh I think I can when I hear a certain lady calling my name.”  He pauses and gives me another heated look in the mirror before adding.  “Twice”  
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  1. Sometimes getting caught is the sexiest part! Loved the excerpt.

  2. Thanks Normandie

    It is for her - he improves on her handiwork quite considerably.


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