Saturday, 3 January 2015

Saturday Spankings - Surrender Intimate Knowledge Part 2 #SatSpanks Free Promo Today!

Hi Guys
My teaser today is from Intimate Knowledge 1 Part 2 (Detective & Desires) . Released in multiple volumes it is an ongoing e-serial.  Leo Gold, cultured, half-Italian heir apparent to the nefarious Boston, Gold crime family, has no idea Raisa Gordon is a vice detective when he falls for her. The FBI use the opportunity to place her undercover as romantic bait to infiltrate the Gold operation. Trouble is Raisa finds him impossible to resist, especially as he has an uncanny understanding of her long hidden, dark need for domination and discipline. In this scene Leo has just informed her in graphic details of his intentions towards her.  Outwardly managing to keep her cool she makes her escape to the restroom to cope with the overwhelming desire.  Catching her just as she climaxes, he insists she admit to her feelings.  She does but claims she has no desire to act on them:

“Why do you think I am in here, playing with myself?”
“Because you are a coward, cara mia!”  He chastises me fiercely.
The twisted truth in his low-drawled assertion punches me in the gut and I push back against him and turn, making a play to get away from him.  He stops me, his arms caging me, his strong, muscular leg thrusting between my reluctant thighs.  His body is so close on mine, his heat pulses through me in waves.  Gliding his long fingers under my nape, he softly seizes my braid in an erotic claiming that alluringly commands me.
“Yield to me, Raisa.”

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