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A Very Defiant, Naughty Wife Tamed - Wipitup Wednesday #Wipitup #eroticexcerpt #romantica #humpday

Welcome to WIP IT UP Wednesday.  My extract today is from my WIP currently titled  His By Design.  It will be released in episodes and the first one Coveting Claire will be released this weekend.  It is a rewrite of my contemporary romance Chances & Choices.  Written for the mainstream it just has a few spanking threats.  I'm having great fun adding in all those missing spankings.  Julian and Claire have been close friends ever since a mutual friend introduced them because they were both grieving a loved one - Julian for his late wife and Claire for her father.  Now, six years later, they are finally exploring the possibility of something more.  In this extract, Claire naughtily tripped Julian out on the beach.  When Julian teasingly threatens her with a spanking, Claire can't resist challenging him and he fufills her fantasies by following through.  Today's extract joins them later when Julian's memories of disciplining his headstrong, late wife are revived by thoughts of the mutally enjoyable spanking he gave Claire...

Julian watched indulgently as Claire deliberated over her ice cream selection, his eyes on the cute bottom he'd enjoyed spanking not so long ago.  He was pleasantly aroused and agreeably satisfied by their light-hearted play.  He'd hoped she might have desires in that direction and the easy way they'd slipped into it was typical of the camaraderie that marked their relationship.  It boded well for his plans.  It was so different from the first time he spanked Susanna.  Like everything to do with his late wife, it was intense and overwhelming.

It was only a couple of weeks into their relationship.  He'd woken in the early morning to find her gone from the bed.  Pulling on his jeans, he'd walked out to the deck to see her coming out of the ocean.  At first, he was too mesmerized by the sight of her voluptuous body to notice the red flags indicating it was unsafe.  Watching her in the shapely one piece she wore for her daily swim, all he could think about were the things he'd done to her body the night before.  She was beside him on the deck before it dawned on him.  His hold on his temper was a lot weaker in those days, especially around her.  He stepped in front of her, his voice tight with fury.

“Damn it, Susanna!  We talked about this!  Those flags are up for a reason!”

She laughed, sweeping past him, attempting to deflect his temper with her condescension.  “Don’t be silly, Julian.  It's perfectly safe.  I’ve been swimming in this part of the ocean since before you were born.”

That did it.  It was bad enough she was risking her safety without trying to play the ‘before you were born card’.  He caught up with her in the bedroom just as she stripped off her swimsuit.  He was so overwhelmed by the terrifying image of her beautiful body caught in the ocean currents and battered against the rocks that he wasn’t even distracted by her nakedness.  No way was he losing her over her stubborn disregard for danger.  Acting instinctively, he lifted her in his arms, carried her over to the bed, sat down, hauled her across his lap and laid into her relentlessly.  His hand hurt for hours afterwards and her beautiful bottom fared a lot worse.  When he finally stopped spanking, she just lay across his lap bawling her eyes out. 

It was then it hit him that his impetuous action could totally screw up the best thing that ever happened to him.  No matter how much she deserved it, she may well throw him out for this.  Hell, she might even have him arrested.  The state of her backside would certainly provide enough evidence.  His heart in his mouth, he just looked down at her wondering what he should do.  He wanted to take her in his arms to comfort her, but he feared her rejection.  He thought maybe he should apologize, but that would defeat the whole purpose rendering the chastisement and her suffering pointless.

In the end, he risked her rejection and stood by his discipline.  Taking her in his arms, he rubbed her back and held her tenderly while reinforcing the spanking with a firm lecture.  She buried her face in his shoulder and once she calmed down and stopped sobbing offered a hiccupping apology.  The punishment worked.  From that day on, she never went in the water when the red flags were up. 

The lovemaking that followed was even more profound and passionate than anything they'd shared so far.  That night she asked him to marry her.  Ironically, considering Julian’s fears, the spanking was what decided her.  She was used to everyone, especially men, kowtowing to her.  She'd given up on finding a man who could rein her in.  Gradually, spanking and domination crept into their sex life and they enjoyed scening on occasion, but discipline was most powerful between them when he employed it as strict punishment.  He lost count of the number of times he turned his headstrong wife across his knee for a severe spanking or ordered her into position across the back of the couch for a thorough strapping.  There were even times when she was so willful he had to hold her, struggling rebelliously face down on the bed, to spank, paddle and belt her soundly, his arm aching, before she surrendered in pleading, remorseful sobs, promising to behave.

Looking back on it so many years later, it amazed him.  He couldn’t imagine ever punishing Claire that severely.  Not only had he repressed that intensity in his nature, but Claire was never likely to misbehave enough to warrant it.  She was prone to tantrums and a bit careless at times, especially over locking doors and keeping track of keys, but in general, she was careful and well behaved.  She was independent, but not headstrong like Susanna or likely to deliberately bait him, other than in fun as she did earlier.  In the six years they'd known each other there was hardly ever a cross word between them.  The intimacy and familiarity of marriage would change that some he knew, but overall he expected spanking to be mostly playful and erotic between them.  He imagined he might have to discipline her for real now and then, but he didn't anticipate the need to be severe with her.

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