Saturday, 14 March 2015

Getting to the Bottom of Things - The Rancher's Woman - Saturday Spankings #satspanks

Hi Guys,

Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  My teaser today is from The Rancher's Woman my bestselling western romance.  Set in the small Wyoming town of Hope Junction, The Rancher's Woman is Tessa and Chance's love story.  Tessa has just moved to town to start a new business and Chance is the local rancher who falls for her.  My extract joins Tessa and Chance after they get home from the Williams family cookout.  Tessa was disturbed by a surprising discussion with the Williams women that reveals Chance's disciplinary tendencies are a family tradition.  So, when they get back to her place she picks a fight with him and orders him out of the house.

   Chance looked across the room at his furious girlfriend, who was making a good show of trying to throw him out of his own property. A girlfriend he’d hoped would be his fiancĂ©e before the night was over. Considering her current mood, Chance admitted he might’ve over judged that result.  Things didn’t seem to be heading that way. Looked like instead of proposing and making love to her, he needed to get to the bottom of things. Literally

Despite his outward calm, he was torn between the fierce desire to spank her senseless or f**k her equally as senseless. Hell, who was he kidding, he wanted to do both.

Everyone in town knows sparks of attraction have been flying between Tessa and Chance almost from the moment her nursery business brought her to beautiful Hope Junction, Wyoming.  Despite his bossy ways, Tessa soon begins to realize that Chance might well be the man she’s been waiting for her whole life. Will Chance’s decision to take her in hand tear them apart or will Tessa learn to see his discipline as proof of the love they will share for the rest of their lives?

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  1. Both, both! I vote for both!

  2. I just finished this book. It was intense, but I loved it. The level of love that chance has for Tessa is heart melting!

    1. Wow! Thanks, Alyssa, so glad you enjoyed it - you made my day!

  3. Now I know why you hung out at #1 for so long. Great snippet.


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