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Morganna Williams is Visiting Today!

Morganna its so great to have you here.  Love all your books.  I loved the touching story of Gabe and Glory in His Girl, His Rules and now you've released the very funny Naturally Naughty with all Shannon's naughty exploits with her 'Cutie Cop' boyfriend, Landon dishing out her just desserts in every chapter - its a wonder the poor girl can sit at all!  Anyway over to you Morganna...

Thank you so much for having me over today Helen, I’m so excited about my new release Naturally Naughty. It’s stylized like a spanking situational comedy so each chapter or episode has a spanking in it. The book is a series of episodes that follow Landon and Shannon as they meet and fall in love along their journey to the ultimate happy ending.  In the excerpt I’ve brought today, you’ll get a glimpse of just how naughty Shannon is…


Good lord, what a day! I often wonder why I seem to attract disaster at every turn. For some unknown reason I am a trouble magnet. At least that’s what Landon says.
The day started much like any other. I was getting ready to go the store and I realized that once I had on my pants and bra, that the shirt I needed was in the laundry room. How was I to know that the neighbor would be working on his car?
I didn’t mean to give him a show! Landon was scandalized. As I bent over to pull a shirt from the dryer, clad in black pants and a bright yellow bra, a hand clapped off my bottom hard. This of course sent my head straight up, smacking the back of it on the dryer top.
“Owwww… owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Damn it!”
I put one hand to the back of my head and the other to my stinging seat as I straightened to glare at Landon.
“What was that for? You scared me and made me hit my head.”
Landon grabbed my arm and gave a frowning nod to the screen door before pulling me back into the main part of the house.
My eyes followed the direction of Landon’s nod and I looked straight into the amused eyes of my neighbor Tod. He stood looking at us over the hood of his car with a socket wrench clutched tight in his hand.
“Oh, my goodness! Tod is out there! Landon, he saw you smack me!”
“He saw you in your bra first! Shannon, I try to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I swear you’re looking to be arrested for public indecency or lewd behavior. Is that your goal?”
“Of course not! I swear, Landon, you’d think I paraded around outside stark naked!”
“You did. Which reminds me, why didn’t you just put the robe on that I got you?”
“I did not! That was an accident and it’s unseemly for you to keep bringing it up!”
“I don’t keep bringing it up. You keep flaunting yourself in front of the neighbors.”
“I was not flaunting! I was getting a shirt from the dryer. Damn, my shirt is still out there!”
Landon rubbed a hand across his forehead before going back to the laundry room and getting my shirt. Shaking his head, he handed it to me. “Just try to remember that you need a robe when you go in the laundry room too.”
I blushed. I really hadn’t intended to give anyone a show, especially one of Landon popping me on the seat! I grumbled to myself as I pulled the shirt on. Bossy man!
Landon of course was Johnny on the spot once again when I backed the car into the trashcans at the end of the drive. I jumped out of my car to meet Landon as he came out of the house to help.
“Shannon…” he began in exasperation only to end with a growl as he pulled a crumpled trashcan from underneath the car.
“Well, it was in the middle of the drive. Who puts trashcans in the middle of the driveway?”
“They weren’t in the middle of the driveway.”
“Yes, they were.”
“Shannon, where is your car?”
“At the end of the driveway.”
“Is it in the middle?”
“Well, no…” I frowned as I eyed the crooked angle my car sat in.
“I rest my case.”
“Fine! Go rest it somewhere else. I need to get moving!” I climbed back into my car and pulled the rest of the way out.
The loud blare of the horn startled me. I glanced in the rearview mirror to see a man in a truck; the signal he was shooting me was not the universal sign of untold joy. I saw Landon standing where I left him in the driveway, watching me in shock. I put the car in drive and left. It wasn’t like it was my fault the guy almost hit me. He was clearly driving way too fast for a residential area.
As I made my way carefully through the city streets, the phone on the seat next to me rang.
“What the hell are you doing?”
“What do you mean? I’m driving.”
“You almost had an accident.”
“That wasn’t my fault… that man was driving too fast.”
“Shannon, he had to back up when you came out of the driveway. Thank god he saw you coming!”
“He did not!”
“Yes, he did. You need to get your butt back home.”
“I will not. My butt and I are going to town to do some shopping.”
“You do and your butt and I are gonna be having a talk later!”
“I’m sorry, I don’t think my butt and you speak the same language!” I was quite happy with that comment as I hung up the phone.
“Did you hang up on me?”
“Oh, must have lost connection. Sorry.”
“You’re gonna lose your panties if you’re not careful.”
“You know, Landon, it’s really not safe for me to talk on the phone while I’m driving.”
“Yes, a policeman I know told me that. So I have to go.” I grinned, relishing having a reason to hang up on him that he couldn’t argue with. This day was looking up.
The phone didn’t ring again the rest of the trip to town. Why did I feel like it was smoldering at me from the next seat?
I shook off the feeling of dread in the pit of my tummy…

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Shannon has longed for a man strong enough to take her in hand for years, but nothing comes of her fantasies until a minor run-in with the law—and with hunky police officer Landon Bridges—ends up leaving her with blushing cheeks and a well-spanked bottom. Shannon’s sore behind doesn’t keep her from going out with Landon, though, and she soon discovers that having a firm-handed man around can have dire consequences for her backside when she is naughty.

Although a sound spanking is something Shannon seems to receive almost daily, Landon is not opposed to teaching her more intimate and embarrassing lessons should the situation warrant it… and the situation often does. But while Shannon’s misadventures give Landon many opportunities to put her over his knee, the punishments only serve to heighten their desire for one another. Has Shannon truly found the man of her dreams, or is Landon too good to be true?

Publisher’s Note: Naturally Naughty is a combination of erotic romance and romantic comedy that contains spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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