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I'm Going to Spank You Extra for That! - WIP of HIS By Design - Correcting Claire. #wiptitup #spanking #asmg #romantic excerpt #erotica

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So busy with writing and blog visits I forgot about WIP It Up Wednesday  So here's Helen's Wip It Up Thursday instead. The excerpt is from my latest book HIS By Design.  A friends to lovers spanking romance, it’s available for pre-order at the special price of $2.99 reverting to $4.99 after release.  If you can’t wait for the complete book, the first episode Coveting Claire is out now for $0.99 for a limited time and FREE to borrow on Kindle Unlimited. This excerpt is from the next episode to be released later this week. It's now called Correcting Claire. I'm writing more than I planned so I've decided it fits better to reverse the titles of the episodes and Claiming Claire will come next.  The joys of a work in progress.  The extract joins Julian and Claire almost a week after Julian has warned Claire he will punish her severely if she is not more careful with her keys.  She promised she’d try and she’s been good all week until Friday when she’s distracted by a commission from her editor. When they return to her apartment after dinner, Julian reveals he has the keys Claire left in her door and the spare set she'd left against his orders on her door ledge...

Claire gulped and looked at Julian’s stern figure across the room from her. His last sentence made it clear that she wasn’t getting out of this.  Biting her lip, she was surprised by an urge to cry.  Not because of the spanking she had coming, but because she’d disappointed him. She’d agreed to work on this issue and had failed spectacularly. It was frustrating, especially considering how good she’d been about it all week. 
Swallowing her threatening tears she reminded him of her efforts. “I didn’t outright defy you, Julian.  I listened, I really did.  I found places to put my keys just like you said. I have a hook at work, a hook here…”  She pointed to the hook by the door and then rummaged in her purse, “…I even bought a special key holder for my purse.  See?”  She held up the leather pouch she was so proud of finding in one of her favorite leather craft boutiques. 
Julian’s eyes followed her actions and she felt better when his shoulders relaxed visibly. Tenderness softened his features and his lips quirked slightly.  He made a point of hanging both sets of keys on the hook she’d indicated before he closed the space between them. When he reached her, he tipped up her chin with his finger and kissed her lips softly. “I’m proud of you for that, sweetheart.”  Then his face grew stern again.  “But you missed out two other places.” 
She looked puzzled. “I did?”  Then she blushed and looked down when his meaning dawned on her.  She let out a long breath.  “My door and the ledge.” 
“Right.”  He noted with satisfaction.  “I can understand you leaving the keys in your door if you were as distracted as you say.  I’m not excusing it, mind you,” he added firmly. “Still, I can understand it was just carelessness, but the door ledge, Claire?”  He dropped his finger from her chin and stepped back.  “How do you account for that?  You put them back after you took them down right in front of me.” His voice rose slightly in exasperation on the last sentence.  “What were you thinking? Are you trying to say that wasn’t defiance?” 
Claire looked up at him then, shamefaced.  She shook her head slowly.  Why the hell did she put them back?  She had no acceptable answer for him, so she kept her mouth shut. 
His voice hardened, warming to his theme at her guilty silence. “Right. Just as I thought. No wonder you’re not saying anything. You know it was defiance. In fact, you know damn well it was outright disobedience, not to mention as good as lying to me.”  He ran his hand through his rebellious waves and gave her a determined stare. “I’m going to spank you extra for that.”  Unbuttoning his jacket, he started to take it off purposely. “You’re getting extra for not looking through the spy hole in the door as well.  I could have been anyone. You were practically naked and completely vulnerable.” 
Despite her feelings of shame and frustration, Claire started to bristle at his tone.  She watched with indignation mounting as he took off his jacket and draped it over the back of a chair. When he loosened his tie and started to undo his cuffs, all guilt left her. WTF!  Who did he think he was standing in her apartment, rolling up his sleeves preparing to spank her like she was a naughty child?  He wasn’t her father!  Hell even her father was never this hard on her!  Did he think just because he got her off spectacularly time and again he could rule her?  It’s not like he was perfect!

Claire foolishly voiced her thoughts. “Fuck you, Julian West!  Like you’re perfect!  You think acting all sweet and sexy tonight when you were actually mad as hell at me doesn’t count as lying?  Yeooww!  Oh! Stop it!  Stop it right now! You brute!”  This last was offered when Julian grabbed her round the waist and turned her over his hip, lifting her so she was dangling humiliatingly.   
To Claire’s utter mortification, he flipped up her dress and pulled down her panties. His hard hand descended repeatedly on her bare bottom. “Ohhh! I hate you!  How dare you!”  It was the first time he’d bared her bottom for discipline. Claire was shocked at how different it felt to the erotic, bare bottomed spankings he’d graced her with.  It was nothing like the fun spankings across his knee or the few swats he'd dished out as quick reprimands, either.   He was right – it wasn’t sexy, it wasn’t fun and she wasn’t enjoying it!  Kicking her legs helplessly, she felt her face flush scarlet with shame and fury. “You have no right!”
Before Claire knew it, she was on her feet. Julian tipped up her chin and looked her straight in the eye. “Is that what you really believe, Claire?  Do you really believe I have no right to discipline you over this?”


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The year a mutual friend convinces recently widowed, Hollywood haute couture designer, Julian West to escort feature reporter, Claire Fitzpatrick to the Annual Spring Charity Ball it is the start of an enduring friendship. A friendship where both comfortably forget the sizzling attraction that flared between them when they first met.  Now, six years on, that attraction has re-emerged and Julian and Claire discover that the compatibility they share as best friends is echoed in their erotic preferences. As their romance blossoms, it is not long before he takes her across his knee to deliver lengthy bare bottomed spankings both erotic and disciplinary.  But neither of them is prepared for the unexpected passion that rules them both. When they are finally faced with the release of overwhelming emotions Julian has spent years repressing, both Julian and Claire must decide if they will go their separate ways or if theirs will be a a love designed to last.

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