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Welcome to my My Sexy Saturday. My post today is from my new erotic romance HIS By Design the spanking rewrite of my bestseller Chances&Choices. The complete book is available NOW for pre-order at the special price of $2.99. The first episode Coveting Claire is $0.99 and available to borrow FREE with Kindle Unlimited. My seven paragraphs are from the second episode Correcting Claire out now at $0.99 for a limited time.  The extract joins the story after Julian has punished Claire and then given her an explosive orgasm. Claire is moved by this to make a request that surprises Julian...

 “Can I…could you show me…I mean teach me to you know…to please you like that?  I mean…with my mouth?” 
He sat up and looked down at her embarrassed yet eager features in surprise.  “You mean you’ve never…”  He stared at her, amazed.  “Seriously?” 
“Don’t look so surprised.  A lot of women don’t want to.  I’ve not wanted to before now.”  She blushed and looked a bit shamefaced.  “I mean…it’s always seemed …well…a bit gross, really.” 
Julian lay back and gave into overwhelming amusement, glad of the opportunity to lessen the intensity of his feelings.  “A bit gross, really?  Aww, sweetheart and you want to brave that for me?  He wiped his eyes and snuggled up to her, ignoring her belligerent glare to whisper in her ear.  “You want to suck my gross cock just to please me?” 
He laughed even more when she punched his chest and turned away from him with a flounce. “Glad you find this amusing.  Well you can forget it!  Suck your own gross cock.  Asshole.”  The last word was added under her breath, but not inaudibly enough for him to fail to hear it.  She yelped when he smacked her sore ass smartly in retribution. 
“Ow!  That’s not fair.”  She turned back bristling in indignation.  “You’re mean.  Here I am putting myself on the line to offer something I’m embarrassed over and you make fun of me!”  She pushed against his chest.  “I don’t know why I even liked you all these years never mind why I’m considering being stupid enough to let myself fall in love with you!” She stopped at that, staring at him open mouthed and paled visibly. “Oh no” She turned away from him again without another word, a sudden silence falling between them. 
He pulled her close, his hard arousal poking into her mercilessly.  Holding his breath, he held her so tight he was scared he might shatter her.  For that small precious moment any fear of loving her was completely banished.  The feeling was fleeting, but it was the first step on an irreversible road.  Cradling her against him he whispered, “Claire honey, I’d be honored to teach you how to please me that way.  I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist teasing you.  I’m real happy it’s another first for us, sweetheart.

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In this episode Julian and Claire's relationship progresses beyond friendship. Passion flares between them as Julian takes Claire firmly in hand.  Not only does he arouse her with teasing lovemaking that includes erotic spankings, but she soon discovers that unacceptable behavior - especially if it risks her safety - will earn her a long, painful session across his knee.

When a mutual friend convinces recently widowed, Hollywood haute couture designer Julian West to escort feature reporter Claire Fitzpatrick to the Annual Spring Charity Ball it is the start of an enduring friendship. A friendship where both comfortably forget the sizzling attraction that flared between them when they first met.  Now, six years on, that attraction has re-emerged and Julian and Claire discover that the compatibility they share as best friends is echoed in their erotic preferences. As their romance blossoms, it is not long before he takes her across his knee to deliver bare bottomed spankings both erotic and disciplinary.

But neither of them is prepared for the unexpected passion that rules them both. When they are finally faced with the release of overwhelming emotions Julian has spent years repressing, both Julian and Claire must decide if they will go their separate ways or if theirs will be a love designed to last.

Can't wait until the release date or would like to try an episode before you pre-order? Then one click the episodes in the e-serial. The first two episodes are available now and the others will be released in the order listed below.  The first will remain at the Special Price of $0.99. It will be  FREE to borrow in Kindle Unlimited until July 9 2015. The other episodes will be released at$0.99 for a limited time only!  They will not be available in Kindle Unlimited for the present.

HIS By Design - Episode Order

Episode 1 - Coveting Claire 
Episode 2 - Correcting Claire  
Episode 3 - Claiming Claire  
Episode 4 - Conquering Claire
Episode 5 - Cherishing Claire

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