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E is for Erotic Romance A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

Welcome to Day 5 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

My E is for erotic.  I’ve included an extract from my latest erotic spanking romance that was released June 5th.  HIS By Design is a friends to lover’s romance. Claire and Julian have been best friends for six years.  Three of those years Julian has been secretly in love with Claire, harboring romantic and erotic feelings for her.  He has managed to keep them secret as Claire has been away in New York.  My extract joins them at the beginning of the book when she has just returned to Los Angeles.  On her first night back, during dinner with Julian, Claire has erotic imaginings about him resulting in an exciting erotic tension growing between them.

The heated memory of the exchange at their first meeting was an erotic, enticing shocker.  Claire swallowed and looked across the table at Julian's refined hands and virile physique.  What would it be like to feel the force of his hand wielded with the vigor of his powerful arm?  How much would it sting as it connected with the tender flesh of her rounded buttocks?  Would her nipples and clit grow and peak as she struggled across his muscular thighs? 
Claire wriggled in her seat and closed her eyes.  She felt the heat flush her whole body as the vivid details of that scenario invaded her psyche.  Pressing her thighs together she felt her pussy moisten and then become rapidly wet as her wanton thoughts fired desires she craved yet never expected to have aroused by her safe, uncomplicated best friend.  For a wild moment, she allowed herself to wallow sinfully in the sensual sensations the powerful image aroused. 
Opening her eyes, she cast the image from her head.  Willing it away, she forced her treacherous passions to pay attention to Julian’s face and conversation, but that only succeeded in making her aware of the eroticism in the deep timbre of his voice and the sensual curve of his mouth in his sinfully handsome features.  What would it be like to feel that mouth roam over her body lingering in forbidden places?
“Claire? You okay?”  Julian’s voice broke through her thoughts and her heart flipped at the sensual note in his voice. Despite the implied concern in his words, there was an underlying eroticism in his tone that hinted at a knowledge of her sexual response to him.  She met his inquiring eyes and saw a shadow of the passion she knew must be reflected in her own gaze.  Holding his knowing stare, Claire knew they both recognized that moment for the shift in their relationship that it was.  Biting her lip, she shook herself.  This wasn’t what she'd bargained for when she got home. She thought she'd be escaping her sexually confused feelings, not uncovering some more. 
Julian’s eyes dropped from what she was sure was her doe in the headlights look and suggested a nightcap at her apartment.  “We can have some privacy that way,” he told her meaningfully.
Claire told herself he was referring to her earlier reluctance to discuss her break up in a public place, but deep down she knew he was proposing more.  She blushed as her answer seemed engineered to further what he offered. “My apartment won’t be vacant until Sunday.  I was hoping you might put me up until then.”  She looked away and tried to lighten the import of the moment with a comment that steered away from the highly charged sexual tension in the air.  “I was looking forward to a swim in the ocean tomorrow."
She wasn’t aware that she’d been holding her breath until he smiled, allowing the mood to lighten. "Oh, so you want a bed as well as a meal," he reproved her playfully, reaching across and taking the check. 
Regardless, her mind was full of what might be.  Did she imagine that his hand lingered more on hers than necessary?  Did his emphasis on the word ‘bed’ hold the innuendo she thought? A heat seeped through her when he touched the base of her back to usher her out of the restaurant towards the car park.  
While walking across the deserted lot, he answered the second half of her statement as if it had just sunk in.  "Are you crazy, the water's cold at this time of year?  It's still winter."
"You're the one who's crazy. Winter, I just flew in from snowbound New York, remember?"  As they reached his car, she turned to face him, leaning against the solid metal for support, suddenly cautious of where they might be headed.  In her confusion, she grasped at a safe way out.  "I could always stay at a hotel if it's too much trouble."
Looking down at her, she heard him let out a long breath.  He seemed to emanate a low passion – a passion she wasn’t sure she should attribute to annoyance or desire.  Taking her by the shoulders, he turned her swiftly so she was facing the car, her back to him.  Unsure of his intentions, she gasped in shock when he applied a couple of swift, sharp swats to her backside.  One to each vulnerable buttock.  Swats that were sharp enough to leave both sets of her cheeks afire.  Uttering a surprised yelp at an action she’d just vividly imagined, but never expected him to undertake so soon, she wondered what was happening to them.  What had prompted this cosmic shift in their relationship? The short spanking was so achingly close to her earlier wanton thoughts that she clutched her rear in a mixture of incredulous indignation and hot desire.  Was he a mind reader? 
She blushed at her response to his humiliating yet welcome retribution.  Was she sending out such clear vibes?  Leaning her front against the car for support, she wondered how he expected her to respond to his spanking of her.  No doubt it was feminist etiquette to object haughtily, but her desire won out. Rubbing her bottom ruefully, she turned her head to pout prettily at him. To her mortification she was unable to keep the revealing breathy huskiness out of her voice.  “What was that for?”
Leaning in with his hand on the car roof, he seemed to tower over her. She felt his ragged breath hot on her neck.  The disciplinary tone in his voice aroused her even more as he chided her in a sensual reprimand. “Hmm. Let’s see. Where should I start?  How about not telling me you were arriving a day early when you have nowhere to stay. I might have been out of town.”
“Oh.”  The sense in his observation made her blush even more.
“Not to mention insulting my hospitality.”  He moved closer to her so she was only just aware of his arousal.  She heard his voice in her ear.  “Move your hands.”
“You heard me,” he told her, his low growl making his intentions clear.
Gulping, Claire dropped her hands obediently.
Crack. This time the smack was harder. Claire found herself whimpering a little as he punctuated each word of his reprimand with a hot blow of his palm to her heated flesh.  “You…Smack…hate…Smack…hotels.”  Smack.  In contrast to the punishment, his next words were offered in a soothing, intimate tone that caressed her ear. “Don’t you. Claire?”
She emitted a little sob in agreement. “Yes”
 “Alright, so no more foolishness about staying in one.” 
Opening the car door, he helped her into the vehicle. Claire attempted to offer a dignified response, but could only summon up a petulant harrumphing sound mixed with a treacherous moan as she sunk into the leather of the car seat.  She felt her pelvis clench and a warm glow pulse through her as contact with the supple seat caused the heat of his smacks to flow insidiously across her tender flesh.
As Julian entered on his side of the car, she rallied enough to throw him a quelling look in an attempt to offer some objection to his discipline. Tossing her head in a very feminine gesture, she told him saucily, but with very little conviction. “I’ll thank you to treat me with a little more respect.  You might've known me since I was practically a teenager, but that doesn’t mean you can treat me like a kid.  I am now a sophisticated, mature woman, in case you hadn't noticed."

Julian laughed richly at her sass.  Why had she never noticed the sensual sound of his laughter before?  He looked across at her deliberately, a smile flitting across his lips, an unmistakable inflection in his voice.  "Oh, I noticed."


So what do you think? Can friends develop erotic feelings or will they always stay in firmly in the friendship zone?  Or is the only reason eroticism is missing is because the feelings are unacknowledged?

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