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G is for G-spot and Girly Squirting - Yes it Exists! A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

Welcome to Day 7 of the From A to Z of Spanking Blogging Challenge #SpankA2Z

 is for G-spot and the girly squirting it brings about. Yes women ejaculate too!  I'm sharing an extract from HIS By Design where Claire is first overcome by that strangely, exciting but almost scary experience brought about by stimulation of her G-spot.

G-Spot and HIS By Design

“Such a lovely sight.  I’ve fantasied more than once about pleasuring you this way.” His hand moved down to circle her glowing bottom and then slipped down between her thighs. “Did you enjoy that, honey?”
Claire was quick to utter her reassurance.  “Oh God, yes.  It was amazing.”
Julian chuckled at her enthusiasm. “Didn’t hurt, did it?  You’re not sore?
Claire shook her head.  “No.  It feels really good.”  The explosive orgasm had banished any sting from his more forceful smacks and her bottom was glowing delightfully, his strokes on her skin now sensual and pleasurable.
”Good.  Because we’re not finished yet. That was just the first round.”
“What? Oh. Mmm…oh.” Claire shifted and sunk into the couch as he repeated his attentions more gently, soothing and smacking her buttocks, pussy and clit to orgasm, sweetly with no forcefulness this time.  Claire moaned and raised her bottom into his hand, loving the warmth and glow and the effect the smacks had on her body.  Her clit and nipples grew swollen and her inner pussy pounded and throbbed until she was crying out for release. Taking his time, he gifted her with that release very, very slowly, bringing her to orgasm twice more before sensuously slipping her around onto her back. 
“You’ve been a good girl.  Taken your spanking well.”  He praised her with a low growl.   “So you get my tongue now, just like you begged for earlier.” 
Through a haze of orgasmic bliss, Claire could hardly believe it.  She thought Richard was a good lover, but no man had made her feel like this even after a good fucking. Julian hadn’t even entered her yet with his tongue and fingers, never mind his cock. Closing her eyes, she felt his tongue lapping at her clit, feeling the little button swell unbelievably. She’d no idea it could get so big! It was tender from his working of it and he treated it with the care that required, licking and lapping lightly.  She grew hot, blushing furiously when he turned up his eyes to watch her face as he brought her to another slow, swirling climax. 
But he wasn’t content with that.  Slipping his fingers inside her sopping wetness, he sucked her clit, tonguing it rhythmically while he pressed his fingers in the same motion on and around her G-spot, massaging her A-spot at the top of her mound with his other hand. She squirmed and bucked as he held her firmly almost forcing her to take the tortuous pleasure she’d never felt before.  Finally Claire screamed and arched, the sensations overpowering her as she felt her body give way and squirt liquid that so surprised her she was afraid at first to release it.
Then she heard Julian’s coaxing reassurance.  “It’s okay, Claire.  Women ejaculate too.  Let it go.”
Collapsing, she obeyed him gratefully, gushing all over his hand and mouth in a spectacular squirting that left her both spent and replete in his arms.

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  1. So where exactly is the G spot? Real or myth?

    1. No myth. it's inside at the top just on th eother side of your clit. An experience not to be missed!


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