Monday, 27 July 2015

Glamorous Cover Reveals to Celebrate Going Wide!

Since I began as a self-published author I have always created my own covers.  I've loved doing it and they can't have been too shabby as I've sold thousands of books.  However, I've made the decision to start selling my self-pub on all platforms. To celebrate, I commissioned Rachel A Olson at NoSweatGraphics to create new covers for my bestselling titles to re-launch them.  I absolutely love what she has done and that the process has been so interactive and collaborative.  These are the first new cover reveals for HIS By Design.  One is for the complete book and one for the e-serials.  The first in the e-serial Coveting Claire will be free on other platforms and hopefully Amazon will soon match.  Watch this space for new cover reveal for my well loved Her Keeper Coming SOON!

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