Saturday, 25 July 2015

Saturday Spankings - Turned On By A Spanking - The Rancher's Woman #SatSpanks #Spanking #excerpt #erotica

Hi Guys,

Welcome to Saturday Spankings.  My teaser today is from my western romance The Rancher's Woman.    Set in the small Wyoming town of Hope Junction, The Rancher's Woman is Tessa and Chance's love story. Tessa has just moved to town to start a new business and Chance is the local rancher who falls for her.  My extract joins the story after Chance has taken Tessa across his knee for the first time.  After he leaves, Tessa inspects the aftereffects in the mirror and is dismayed at her reaction to the spanking.


 Not only had she let Chance spank her, she let him comfort and cuddle her afterwards, purring at his promises of pleasuring later. Even worse, she was guilty of actually pushing him into it. What was with her! Biting her lip, she looked down at the floor, rubbing and squeezing her backside to soothe the burn and ache. Gradually her rubbing slowed to an exploration of the mottled swelling, lingering over the ridges of his fingertips. Moaning a little, she guiltily let one hand move round to her front, slipping her fingers down over her wet, swollen labia. Oh, dear God. The spanking turned her on.
Everyone in town knows sparks of attraction have been flying between Tessa and Chance almost from the moment her nursery business brought her to beautiful Hope Junction, Wyoming.  Despite his bossy ways, Tessa soon begins to realize that Chance might well be the man she’s been waiting for her whole life. Will Chance’s decision to take her in hand tear them apart or will Tessa learn to see his discipline as proof of the love they will share for the rest of their lives?
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  1. I love that moment when the heroine realizes that spankings can be hot. Great snippet!

  2. Sexy snippet, Helen. Nothing like a little self-discovery to make you realize what it is you really want.


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