Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Two Year Anniversary Celebration of Her Keeper - FREE Today!

It will be two years tomorrow since I released the first episode in my most popular book - Her Keeper! WOW! To celebrate The complete book is FREE today. Get it now as It will no longer be available in KU as of tomorrow!
Ever since she came crashing into my life, eight years ago, she's been firing volleys at me from her gorgeous bee-stung mouth and green-fire eyes. Even her apologies sound more like challenges. Maybe that's why I acted on impulse and turned her over my knee when she landed at my feet after denting my chrome pride and joy and tried to act like it was no big deal.
I say maybe because I know the angry relief after the hot rush of terror when she lay unmoving at my feet, looking deathly pale, eyes closed with smoky long lashes and all that gorgeous dark hair fanned around her, played a major role. As well as the way she stood up, tossed back her long mane of hair, dusted off the seat of her tight, low-slung jeans, and told me in a cute, drunken, little slur to get over it, you could hardly see the tiny, little ding.
I had no idea who this bundle of female trouble was, but through my own minor, alcoholic buzz, egged on by the cheers and howls of my buddies, I decided it would be a great idea to make an impression that was very far from a tiny, little ding on the seat of those, really should be illegal, too tight jeans.
And I did.
Unfortunately, it was enough of an impression to last eight years with no sign of receding. To my credit, I declined the frat paddle someone tried to hand me, but she fails to see that as a mark in my favor. She's never forgiven me.
Maybe she might if I apologized. Only I reckon she deserved it. She was riding drunk on her bike down a steep incline. Without my car in the way, she'd have gone over the edge. It was just too fucking dangerous. So typical of her. Just plain reckless. She’s lucky I didn’t use the paddle. I won’t apologize when I’m not sorry. So, I accept her grudge as the price of standing by my disciplinary principles.

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