Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hot in the Firehouse at Hope Junction! Wip It Up Wednesday #wipitup

Welcome to Wip It Up Wednesday. I'm sharing from my main WIP again today - the second in my spanking cowboy romance set in beautiful Hope Junction. The first in the series was my #1 Best Seller in Erotic Westerns, Tessa and Chance's story, The Rancher's Woman. Lots of readers are asking about Wes and Janey's story so here's another peek. Today's extract follows on from last week. Janey's been in love with Wes Williiams since she was eleven but always thought he'd never notice her. Now, he is Deputy Sheriff of Hope Junction and she has just returned from Cheyenne after two years away training and gaining experience as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). She is joining the Hope Junction emergency team as their first female member and she is nervous, especially considering the love of her life will be her team leader. What she doesn't know is that Wes has harbored feelings for her that he's sublimated because he thought she wasn't interested in him.  When she decides to stake her claim by visualizing herself as his woman the chemistry between them ignites. We join the story right after Janey has reported for duty. It's from Wes's POV.

     The sound of her inward breath told him she hadn’t missed his response. Her eyes widened even more and she seemed to lean in.  Her lips were swollen from her teeth worrying at them. Wes leaned in to meet her, tipping up his Stetson with one finger. His hand moved out towards her as if to encircle her curvy waist and he bent his head to reach those plump, inviting lips…
     “Car crash, deputy! Two vehicles collided on Hope Bend. One went over the edge. A little girl’s trapped inside.”
     Wes looked up sharply at the sound of his cousin, Chance’s voice. On duty as one of the team’s volunteer firefighters, he’d taken the call. Jumping guiltily apart from Janey, Wes looked quickly round the firehouse watching with pride as his team jumped into action. Janey straightened at the same time. Her attitude changed immediately, the professional in her taking over.
     “Right I’ll suit up!”
     Wes nodded his agreement, his commanding stare around the room quelling the objections he could sense from the men. As Janey moved out of earshot to pull on the protective gear for emergency rescue, his men surrounded him.  Mike Carter, one of the older volunteers, spoke up. 
     “You sure she should cut her teeth on this one, deputy. It’s not gonna be pretty. Could be tough if the kid is hurt real bad. And the men need to be able to concentrate,” he added looking over meaningfully at the sight of Janey’s voluptuous backside bent over as she pulled out her equipment.
     Wes gulped.  She was gorgeous. What he’d do to have that amazing ass bare under his hand. Nice one, Williams. Sexually harassing the only woman on the team the moment she turns up. You owe an officer under your command better than that. Fuck. His cock jumped at the image that presented. He’d love to have this stunning woman under his command - in the bedroom that is. Or anywhere else he could make her scream as she came again and again. 
     Wes looked pointedly away from the inviting sight. He knew he needed to kick his own ass. He need to pull the team, including himself, back into line.


Hope you enjoyed this little trip to Hope Junction.  Time to get back to writing.  Meanwhile, if you haven't read The Rancher's Woman - Go grab it now!   But don't forget to visit all the other great blogs below!
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  1. I love instant attractions. Can't wait for Janey's POV. ☺

  2. I love curvy heroines. I'm looking forward to more. Great snippet. :) :)

  3. Awesome excerpt! How soon is the book coming out!


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