Saturday, 19 December 2015

Disciplined and Sentenced #satspanks

Hi Guys,
Welcome to Saturday Spankings. My teaser today is from my ever popular best seller Her Keeper. In this excerpt from the second episode, Rick has just pronounced the sentence he's decreed to take Sara in hand for speeding and all the other ways he needs to take care of her. It is from Sara's POV. 

“So If I agree to this ‘sentence’ of yours, will that be the end of it?  No more consequences for the speeding?”
“Huh?  No way.  You're not getting off that easy. You still have a trip over my knee coming to you.” He leans in and lowers his voice, still tense with anger, “but you know that or you wouldn’t be trying to negotiate, would you?”
I shift in my seat and protest under my breath, “but you already spanked me.”
“That was just a quick licking. Those will feel like love taps compared to the blistering I'm going to give you across my knee. I intend to make sure you don’t dare pull a stunt like that again.”
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 "Ever since she came crashing into my life, eight years ago, she's been firing volleys at me from her gorgeous bee-stung mouth and green-fire eyes. " 
The feud between Detective Rick Andrews and Prosecutor Sara Michaels is legendary and no one ever wants to stand in the line of fire when they go at it. Rick can’t deny the chemistry between him and Sara. Her intelligence and her spirit intrigue him and for some unfathomable reason the need to protect her consumes much of his waking hours and a few of his dreams as well. But she’s too high maintenance. Now, their ongoing feud has reached combustion level. Sara has crossed the line and Rick is determined to lay down the law in a way she can't escape. Her Keeper is an erotic romance with explicit sexual content with elements of BDSM. It has a hot cop (two actually), sexy frisking, spanking, cuffing, a crazy, hot proposition yet to come and two people who are stubbornly in love. 


  1. Can't say I blame her for trying to negotiate, even though I know it won't do her any good. Love the snippet, Helen.

  2. This is enough to make me slow down on the highway!

  3. Ohh!! I feel bad for Sara's bottom, but hopefully after this spanking, she'll never speed again!

  4. *squirms* Doesn't sound like she'll speeding anytime soon after that. Nice snippet.


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