Saturday, 30 January 2016

Some Sexy Biting. #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday. The theme this week is sexy vampires. I haven’t written a vampire book yet, but vampires do bite and then heal the hurt with some sexy licking that drives their woman wild. What makes vampires even sexier is that they are darkly handsome, a little unruly and somewhat tortured. And they can't keep away from the woman they love no matter how hard they try. All that sums up Julian in HIS By Design. So I've chosen seven sentences from a scene with a little tortured angst that's flavored with a little delicious biting and licking...

He ran his hands all over her dress, lifting it to above her waist, making Claire feel more exposed than if he’d stripped her. “I love seeing you in my designs - I think I’ve been crafting them just for you for years.” 

He gave a laugh of self-derision and Claire felt a pang of dismay at the change in its usual rich sound. Reaching up, she ran her hand over his darkly handsome features with the intention to comfort.  He held it fast against his cheek and bit it hard enough to make her yelp. Then he licked and sucked the pain away. The sensation was so achingly erotic, she pushed her buttocks into the bed, rotating her pussy entrance against it in wild lust.

The year a mutual friend introduces Julian West to Claire Fitzpatrick, they are both grieving the loss of a loved one - Julian his film star wife and Claire her adoring father. Regardless, it is the start of an enduring friendship. A friendship where both comfortably forget the sizzling attraction that flared between them when they first met. Now, six years on,that attraction has re-emerged and they are excited to discover that they share the same passionate needs both erotic and disciplinary. But as their romance blossoms, neither of them is prepared for the deep love they each come to feel,but are unsure the other shares. When Claire's ex-lover reappears on the scene and she comes to suspect that Julian has never stopped loving his late wife,they must risk all to ensure that theirs will be a love designed to last. 

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On another note I am excited that The Ranchers Woman has been nominated for Spanking Romance Reviews award for Contemporary Western Romance
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