Wednesday, 17 February 2016

WipItUp WednesdayInspiring Places! Where Will the Writing Muse Take Me?#wipitup

Missed the link but thought I'd post anyway. Just bought some rosemary oil - determined to stimulate my mind and create some writing romance!

Settling down in rainy, winter grey England to write about beautiful Hope Junction, Wyoming in Wes and Janey's story. 

Or maybe about Lake Andrew's - the small town in New Hampshire where Rick and Sara's ongoing romance takes place. And where my short story romance that I've been working ends up - Marcie and Troy's story. It has such stunning colors in the fall. Wonder where the muse will take me? 

This other picture is a hint as to where else Marcie and Troy's story takes place.

Any preferences?

Here's a sneak peek from one of the three stories -guess which? LOL!

     That’s what angers and upsets me the most. How dare he fail to be perfect! I need him to piss me off with his justified challenges. To always know, argue and do what’s best for me. I may have stubbornly held a grudge over the public spanking eight years ago, but deep down, despite the objections I voiced to Lisa, I never truly doubted that it was my own recklessness that earned me that trip across his knee.
     Just like all the other times over the years when we kept butting heads. I knew his advice was sound and that I should listen more. Every time I went up against him it was because I longed for him to rein me in, to step up and take me in hand. When he finally did, my surrender felt like coming home. Liberating. But there’s no way I can justify his going along with Judge Matthews sentence. No. All I can do is hate him because now he’s squarely in the wrong. I swallow. My mouth tastes bitter and my stomach churns at this new stark reality. A world where the love of my life can screw up.
     I fight to keep my feelings from showing, but I suspect my despondency creeps through. I’m sure of it when the guilt on his face disappears and concern melts him again. He reaches for me. A river of his tenderness flows towards me. Hell no! I need to avoid that. I pull away from him even more, jumping up from the bed, my fists clenched.
     “Go to hell, asshole! You really think you can romance your way out of this? Act like you delivered on your promise. Yeah, right! You delivered exactly what you threatened in Ginny’s. Even when I followed your stupid orders. Don’t even think of touching me, you jackass!!”
     Anger flares in his eyes for a moment and then the determined look I’m used to seeing strengthens his handsome features. He stands up, dwarfing me. I feel his power pulsing against my body before he moves back giving me the space I demand. I can feel my control slipping even further in contrast to his measured actions.
     He folds his arms and fixes me with his clear, chocolate gaze. His voice is solid, unwavering. “It might not have turned out the way we planned with Lisa earlier, but you were still only sentenced under a bylaw. Your offence stays in this town and disappears at the end of the year served. Your record’s clean and you’re not in jail. So! Yeah! I delivered! Just as I promised.”
     I snort inelegantly, effectively expressing my disdain at his claims
     He straightens, his arms dropping to his sides. His fists clench, mirroring mine. His face and voice take on the stern fury that doesn’t bode well for my ability to sit. “And I promise I’ll deliver a hellava a lot more if you keep up this attitude, little girl!”
     I’m too incensed to heed his warning. Or maybe I want to push. Hell, maybe this is what I was pushing for. A flash of triumph rages through me. Victory at arousing the tiger in him prompts me to push him even more. This is what excites me about our bouts. The freedom to give vent to my unrestrained anger banishes my fears and even my misery. My heart pounds as I stare into the furious face of the man I love. The fierce passion in these moments binds us together as irrevocably as our lovemaking.
     “Don’t you dare threaten me. You have no right over me after your betrayal in court. My record may be clean, but you really think this won’t have an effect on my reputation! I struggle enough to gain respect in this town. You think any of that will survive my sentence? Ordered into your custody as a wayward woman under a colonial bylaw! I’m going to be a laughing stock! Lisa unearthed that bylaw to protect me and you male chauvinist jerks used it for just the opposite! And you bet I’m in jail! With a lying, two faced f***er as my jailer!”

Back to Writing!

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