Wednesday, 26 November 2014

#wipitup WIP IT UP Wednesday Hope Junction - New Girl in Town.

Welcome to WIP IT UP Wednesday. #wipitup. M
y work in progress(WIP) today is from my cowboy spanking romance currently titled Hope Junction.  Set in the small Wyoming town of Hope Junction, it is Tessa and Chance's love story.  Tessa has just moved to town to start a new business and Chance is the local rancher who falls for her.  In this extract  they are on their first date at the local saloon when there is an unexpected change of entertainment.


The owner of the bar, the actual Jolene, picked up the microphone and asked for everyone’s attention.  “Howdy, folks.  Hope you’re all having your usual good time here at my little place.  Tonight I’ve somethin’ a little different for you.  Friend of mine is visiting from Casper and she convinced me that you good people of Hope Junction would just love Latin dancing.  Her and her partner are kind enough to offer us a demonstration and a quick intro lesson.  Now, I’m not stupid.  I know most of you men are just holdin’ your tongues on account of she’s my guest, but you keep an open mind, now.” 
There was a ripple of laughter and a few hoots as Jolene plugged an iPod into the sound system and the room filled with the sizzle and sway of Latin dance music.
“Oh, salsa.  I love Latin dancing and music.”  Tessa looked up at Chance with a beaming glow as she began to keep time with the rhythm and move her feet in a few steps.
“Well lookie, here.  We got ourselves a little lady who knows the steps already.  That right, Tessa.”  Tessa stopped moving and colored right up as all the attention of the bar turned to her after Jolene’s observation.
“Um, yeah a little, I guess.”  She looked up at Chance pleadingly, her natural shyness overtaking her. 
“Hey there, Jolene.  Quit picking on my girl and just get this demonstration up and runnin’.”  Chance laughed good-naturedly.
“Sure thing, Chance, but I reckon you and Tessa’ll be one of the first couples up for the intro lesson.”  She winked and then added to Tessa.  “Get working on him, girl.  If you can persuade Chance Williams to move to Latin, we can get the rest of the men up here.  That right, boys?”
There were more cat calls, hoots and grumbling from the men with laughter from the women and then the lights were dimmed.  A showy couple in a bright Latin dancing outfit paraded on to the floor.  They were a splendid sight blazing into the little saloon causing a hush to fall over the room.  The couple created such an exciting spectacle of color and movement that Chance found himself swaying a little.  A fact he didn’t cotton on to until Tessa bumped hips with him, saucily.  He looked down to see her eyes alight with teasing and excitement.  Guess her enjoyment of the dance was chasing away her shyness.  He liked that, the way she lost her reserve and was caught up in the action of the moment.
The dance ended and there was an outburst of applause.  The couple bowed showily, the man twirling the woman from side to side as they acknowledged the crowd’s praise.  The lights went up and Jolene stepped forward.  “Alright then who’s up for givin’ it a try?  Tessa?  Chance?  What do ya say?”
Chance took in Tessa’s look mixed with pleading and challenge.  Groaning, he listened to the Saturday night crowd’s hoots and hollers.  Damn!  He was screwed.


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Monday, 24 November 2014

Masturbation Monday-Intimate Knowledge-Caught in the Act! #MasturbationMonday #erotic #excerpt

My scene today is from Intimate Knowledge 1 Part 2 (Detective & Desires) . Released in multiple volumes it is an ongoing e-serial.  Leo Gold, cultured, half-Italian heir apparent to the nefarious Boston, Gold crime family, has no idea Raisa Gordon is a vice detective when he falls for her. The FBI use the opportunity to place her undercover as romantic bait to infiltrate the Gold operation. Trouble is Raisa finds him impossible to resist, especially as he has an uncanny understanding of her long hidden, dark need for domination and discipline. In this scene Leo has just informed her in graphic details of his intentions towards her.  Outwardly managing to keep her cool she makes her escape to cope with the overwhelming desire he arouses in her: 

I maintain my bland expression, but my body and inner turmoil threaten to betray me big time.  I need to get away from his blatant magnetism.  Breaking his stare with a blink, I make my escape by using every woman’s natural refuge.  With a muttered excuse, I head to the john.  Walking slowly at first, I practically break into a run once I am out of his sight.
It’s Leo.  Get used to saying it.  To the feel of it on your tongue.
How could he manage to make the simple practice of saying his name seem so shatteringly erotic?  I feel weak as I surrender to the chemistry I managed to resist in the gallery.  Turning on the tap, I run cold water over my wrists.  My pulse and breathing gradually achieve normality as I lay my forehead against the mirror.  I give myself a long, hard, appraising look.  My cheeks are flushed, my breasts are moving in little heaves, my eyes are aglow.  Even worse, what the mirror fails to reveal are my clenched pelvis and wet pussy. 
This cannot keep up, Raisa girl.  You need some serious intervention here.  Yeah, intervention.  Exactly!  I look around.  The room is deserted.  Although I know we're the only visitors to the gallery this afternoon, the taboo nature of my intention makes me check the cubicles just to be sure.  I settle myself in the small seating area.  The chair I choose faces a mirror that reflects the door so I'll know if I'm in danger of interruption in the midst of my guilty pleasure.
It shouldn’t take too long.  His image has always managed to bring me off in a matter of minutes.  Now I'm familiar with the real thing it should be even faster.  I usually have my vibrator to help the process, but with my state of high arousal since this morning, along with his slick brand of mind fuckery out there in the gallery, I reckon my hands will do just fine.  Unzipping and slipping my fingers down into my jeans, I swipe along my panties.  They're soaked.  I gasp as my fingers brush against my wet, engorged clit.  Sweet Jesus, I'm so primed.
Lying back, I sink into the luxury of remembering the magnificent view of him this morning.  His tanned, oiled torso.  The rippling muscles, tight abs and pecs.  His shirt stretching across his shoulders as he gulped down that beer with a primal growl.  I press on my clit, rotating my hips.  He had to have been rock hard when he saw me.  I imagine him grinding that hardness cruelly against me and I arch into him.  I remember the look on his face that told me how much he wanted me.  I follow that through in my mind coupling it with the heat of his declaration at the exhibit.  He picks me up and carries me off, throwing me on his bed.
My imagining breaks down a bit here, as I've no picture in my mind for his bedroom.  I switch the scene to his study as he thrusts me down to sink into the leather of his two-seater.  I can almost smell the leather and feel his hard cock grind against my clit.  Oh God, yes, yes.  That’s good, so good.  I thrust my hand down into my panties, applying deep, long fast strokes to my labia and clit.  I turn to my side picturing him behind me on the chair spooned against my body, his hand down my panties, stroking firm and fast, his long fingers pinching, pressing and circling.  His voice and tongue are hot in my ear.
My name, cara…you will be moaning it and screaming it when I'm thrusting deep inside you.
“Leo.”  It is wrung out of me along with the shattering orgasm.  “Leo.”  I gasp it and collapse, my breath coming in heaves.  Oh my God, that was f***ing kickass.  I lie back against the chair with my eyes closed and let the spasms leave me and do their sweet work.  At least now, I won’t be so sexually wound up around him.  Or such a wimp around his disarming charisma.
As the afterglow sweeps over me, unbidden sensations steal in.  I feel his arms supporting me, stopping me from falling, his voice in my ear.  “Careful, Raisa, it’s a very, long way down.”  The heat of his body behind me, the support of his arms.  “You’re safe, cara.  Relax.  I have you.”
I shiver at the memory and then it merges into desire.  His arms hold me close in the afterglow, his rich voice thick with intimacy.  ….the feel of my name on your tongue. 
His long fingers capture my cheek and chin as he turns my head up to meet his lips and kiss me possessively. 
Only it's no longer in my head.  NO.  No.  Noo! 
My eyes fly open and I look across to the mirror, my heart pounding at his touch, his startling materialization standing behind me shocking me out of my daydream.  F**k!  Where did he come from?  Immersed in my pleasure he must've entered without my hearing. 
Please, please don't let it be that he came in when I was coming.  Please let it be that he only saw the very end of my self-help scenario.  Please do not let him have witnessed my pathetic girly abandon to orgasmic delight over him.
The heat in his eyes doesn’t leave me much hope and I decide attack is the surest form of defense.  I sit up, zip my jeans and pull away from his touch sending him an accusing look in the mirror.  No way can I turn to face him.
“What're you doing?  This's the ladies’ room.  You can’t just walk in here and creep up on me.”
Placing a hand on either side of me on the back of the chair, his reflection gives me a knowing look as he tells me in a sensual tone.  “Oh I think I can when I hear a certain lady calling my name.”  He pauses and gives me another heated look in the mirror before adding.  “Twice”  
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Saturday, 22 November 2014

#SatSpanks Saturday Spankings - Her Keeper 1 Part 1 - Rick's Softer Side.

Hi Everyone, 

Ooops missed it again, but posting anyway.  My teaser this week is another eight sentences (a few more than eight but there are a lot of short sentences so fits the rules) from my popular Her Keeper serial.  This time its from my first installment,Her Keeper1 Part 1 . Written in the first person from Rick and Sara's alternating POV, this excerpt is through Sara's eyes.  At this point in the story, Sara has changed her tactics and appealed to Rick's softer side.  She's surprised him and herself by promising to behave and do as she's told if he removes the cuffs before taking her into Ginny's diner.  After consideration he agrees, but it comes with a price: 

 “Okay, I’ll take the cuffs off, but only with quid pro quo. I’d like the benefit of your softer side too, so you have to give me a forfeit.” 

I look at him suspiciously. “A forfeit?” 

He laughs at my wary tone. “Yes, a forfeit.”  He leans in and tells me huskily. “I get to kiss you.” 

“Kiss me?” I say it like he's crazy and is asking for something ludicrous, which, given our history, I feel he is. 

He laughs again, richly and unrestrained and the sound of it flows in waves, warming me all the way through as he moves even closer to me and speaks with a teasing, seductive whisper in my ear. “Yeah. I want to give you a long, slow, wet kiss…with tongue, without having to worry about your knee in my groin, you biting my lips, or spitting in my mouth. You don’t have to kiss me back, but you do have to let me kiss you for as long as I want.” 

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

WIP IT UP Wednesday #wipitup - Following Through in Claiming Claire

Welcome to WIP IT UP Wednesday. #wipitup. My extract today is from my WIP currently titled Claiming Claire.  This is a rewrite of my contemporary romance Chances & Choices .  Written for the mainstream it just has a few spanking threats.  I'm having great fun adding in all those missing spankings.  In this extract, Claire naughtily tripped Julian out on the beach in order gain time to beat him getting changed.  When Julian playfully threatens her, Claire can't resist challenging him.


He stood up when she entered and looked at her in pretended fierceness.  "Minx.  I ought to take you across my knee."
"Huh!  You and whose army."  She threw at him saucily to combat the hot flood to her pelvis at his threat.  When he advanced purposely towards her, she gulped, her bravado deserting her.  Squealing, she turned tail and fled in an attempt to reach the relative safety of his car. 
She wasn’t quick enough.  His arms were around her before she was even halfway up the dining room steps.  Lifting her off her feet, he pulled her back against him so his lips were just behind her ear.  She felt his hot breath and heard his sexy growl mixed with amusement.   “An army, huh?  That’s big talk for a little minx.  A very naughty, little minx who needs a lesson in fair play. You really shouldn’t throw out challenges like that, Claire.  You ought to know it will only get you in trouble.  ”
Claire squealed even more at his words.   Partly with laughter, partly with a thrill of fear and definitely with a liberal dose of desire.  Her whole body felt hot, her pulse throbbing at how closely this fit with her thoughts over dinner the night before.  When other men had threatened her teasingly this way, the result was a chase similar to this.  None of them ended with the promised spanking.  Instead, the roughhousing moved on to tumbled laughter and kissing.  She enjoyed the kissing and what it led to, but always felt deflated when the desire aroused by the threat of the spanking was unfufilled.  She wasn’t sure if she’d feel the same desire if she was actually spanked, but as Julian held her close in his powerful arms, her heart pounded desperately with the hope that she was finally about to find out.  Would he follow through or would he just end this in laughter and a few kisses like the others?
Typically, Julian didn’t let her down.  Before she knew it, he’d hoisted her over his shoulder and was carrying her purposefully towards the couch.  Remembering her feisty statement earlier, she figured she really should put up a bit of fight.  Punching his back and kicking her legs, she berated him.  “Julian West, don’t you dare!  I'll never speak to you again!  Not ever!”
He laughed outright as he sat down and arranged her across one knee, stilling her flailing legs by placing his leg across them.  “Come on, Claire!  We both know that's an idle threat.  We're too solid for that.”
Lying prone across his knee, her body effectively under his control, Claire suddenly felt outrageously vulnerable.  She looked at the plush carpet beneath her gaze and wanted to be facing upright.  Fantasy was one thing, reality quite another.  She pushed upwards, trying to rise up from over his powerful thigh.  Despite her sudden ambivalence, she found herself baiting him by throwing out another challenge guaranteed to seal her fate.  “Julian!  No!  Don’t you dare!  I mean it!”
“Too late, Claire.” 
Claire tried another tactic.  “No fair!  This breaks our ‘no sexual stuff yet’ truce.”
“Give it up, Claire.  You’re getting a spanking.  I’ll take it easy seeing as how this is your first time.”  His tone was still amused, but his arm across her back was intractable, his determination quietly steely.  “And this doesn’t break our truce.  Taking down your pants and spanking your bare bottom, now that would break our truce.” 


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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Saturday Spankings - You're going spank me there?

 Hi Everyone,
My teaser this week is another eight sentences from my popular Her Keeper serial. This time its from my about to be released latest installment,Her Keeper 2: In His Custody Part 2 (Detectives & Desires).  Written in the first person from Rick and Sara's alternating POV, this excerpt is through Ricks's eyes. At this point in the story, Sara has misbehaved and earned punishment for slapping Rick hard across the face.  They are in his locked office at the sheriffs.  He orders her to bend over his desk and grasp the opposite edge.  Slowly he raises her dress to discover what lies beneath:

Her sweet ass and thighs are framed with a delectable pair of high-cut, black silk, lacy panties and stockings that reveal her lovely, fleshy, lower globes, while her stockings cover her as far as her upper thighs.  Reaching out, I stroke and squeeze the naked flesh caught captive between them, running my fingers over her lower buttocks that still carry the slight, fading marks of my earlier belting.
Slowly, I peel her panties down to her knees and spread her legs as wide as possible.  I’m amazed when my order to her sounds cool and collected.  “Ass up, Sara, arch your back and keep those thighs wide, present your pussy to me for punishment.”
Her in-drawn breath reveals her shock at my order.  She maintains position, but fails to curb her tongue.  “You’re going to sp…spank me on my…there?”

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

WIP IT UP Wednesday - Claiming Claire #wipitup,

Welcome to WIP IT UP Wednesday. #wipitup. My extract today is from my WIP currently titled Claiming Claire.  This is a rewrite of my contemporary romance Chances & Choices .  Written for the mainstream it just has a few spanking threats.  I'm having great fun adding in all those missing spankings.  In this extract, Claire has just returned to her hometown of Los Angeles after working in New York for three years.  Having dinner with her best friend Julian, their discussion triggers forgotten details of their first meeting six years earlier.


Over dinner, Claire kept the conversation on professional or general topics.  Every time the discussion threatened to move into her social life, she steered adroitly away from the subject.  Finally, Julian asked her outright about the man she’d been seeing in New York.  It was typical of him.  He would only take evasion for so long.

"We split up."
"I see.  That wouldn't have anything to do with your transfer back to L.A., would it?"
Claire shrugged, feeling miserable.  She wanted to confide in him, but not in a restaurant.  She put him off.  "I'd rather not talk about it, right here and now."
He nodded, but gave her a thoughtful look.  He knew her well enough to realize when she was upset.  
Attempting to lighten the mood, she asked him teasingly.
"What about you?  Still avoiding all the women playing the grieving widower?"  She regretted the remark immediately.  "Sorry, that was heartless of me."
He smiled.  "No, thoughtless perhaps, but not heartless.  Claire, Susanna died seven years ago, it's not a subject you have to skirt around."
Glad she’d not offended him, Claire continued eating, growing thoughtful.  Looking across the table, Claire speculated for the second time that evening about why she’d never thought of him sexually.  Had she subconsciously decided not to compete with the memory of the beautiful woman known to the public as Susanna Ainsley, award-winning star, and to Julian as Susanna West, his much-loved wife?
Claire narrowed her gaze.  It was an illuminating thought.  One that opened up new horizons.  It was in that illumination that Claire suddenly remembered their first meeting.  How could she have forgotten how much he affected her when she walked out her apartment door to see him bounding up the stairs with that lithe, animal grace of his?  She smiled, remembering that he’d been annoyed with her for buzzing him up without checking.  He’d lectured her for not being more careful.  She'd completely forgotten the dynamics of that meeting, mainly because she was embarrassed when her awkward attempt at flirting made her feel foolish
“You always this bossy?”  She asked him, testing the waters with a sideways, sexy little smile.
“With naughty girls.  Yes.”  He'd replied, his smile sardonic, eyebrow raised.  She looked down and blushed thinking he found her attempts at flirting amusing.  Not a turn on, just amusing, and all her insecurities kicked in.
She was embarrassed by her response to him.  She feared the attraction wasn’t mutual and buried the memory.  Now when she brought it out and dusted it off in the light of her new gained sexual knowledge and confidence, she recognized the exchange for the sexy little scene that it was. 
She looked down at her plate and bit her lip.  Oh boy.  They had a definite sexual exchange and she’d stupidly missed it.  She felt hot remembering.
 What was with the whole naughty girl thing?  Polite, reserved Julian?  Who knew? 
Claire liked bossy men.  Not too bossy, that just pissed her off, but men who were sexy about it and hinted at retribution got her all hot and bothered.  She found herself drawn to that quality in men.  A few men had playfully called her a naughty girl and threatened her with a spanking making her heart thump and her body flush with sexual heat, but none had followed through.  She'd come to believe that most men were just talk in that department. 
Claire shifted in her seat.  Julian was not most men.  In all the time she'd known him, he was anything but talk.  He stood by his word.  That knowledge combined with her sudden memory of the exchange at their first meeting was an erotic, enticing shocker.  Claire swallowed and looked across the table at Julian's refined hands and virile physique.  What would it be like to feel the force of his hand wielded with the strength of his powerful arm as she squirmed across his muscular thighs?  Claire wriggled in her seat and closed her eyes willing the image away.  This was not what she'd bargained on when she got home.  She thought she'd be escaping her sexually confused feelings, not uncovering some more.


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Intimate Knowledge Part 7 & Goodreads BDSM Bedtime Stories - Free Promo Today and Tomorrow

Intimate Knowledge Part 7 was  released in conjunction with BDSM Goodreads Bedtime Stories in July this year.  It is from my Detective & Desires Series. Released in multiple volumes it is an ongoing serial. It is #1 in the series(Out Now). #2 is Her Keeper (Out Now) and #3 Haunted Spaces (beginning December 2014). Leo Gold, cultured, half-Italian heir apparent to the nefarious Boston, Gold crime family, has no idea Raisa Gordon is a vice detective when he falls for her. The FBI use the opportunity to place her undercover as romantic bait to infiltrate the Gold operation. Trouble is Raisa finds him impossible to resist, especially as he has an uncanny understanding of her long hidden, dark need for domination and discipline. 

What she doesn't know is that the reason he understands so well is because he has a copy of her intimate journal written in the form of letters to an imaginary lover. During a late supper at Leo's penthouse, Raisa is overwhelmed by his attempts to get closer to her. Losing her temper she curses at him and tries to leave. Leo stops her and makes it clear he intends to discipline her for her outburst and attempt to run away from her feelings. What she does not know is that he is deliberately enacting the scene according to her fantasies from her journal. Written in the first person from Leo and Raisa’s alternating POV, this extract is through Raisa's eyes...

His stance is darkly intimidating and my pulse beats and throbs a tattoo in response. My ass is stinging from his reprimanding swat and my Italian is good enough to understand his depiction of me as a ‘capricious girl’ one of the Italian equivalents for ‘naughty girl’. I swallow, wide-eyed, as I realize his intent, his various words of warning coming back to me. 

...punish you if you misbehave...a long, thorough, sore and swollen... 

I draw in my breath at the thought that he now intends to follow through on those words. My pelvis is aching because he seems determined on a course of action I have long since considered taboo. This will be very different from those two fierce smacks he administered as a possessive lover lashing out in jealous rage that night in the club. Looking at him, the intractable stance and dark look provokes a primitive reaction as my entire lower half starts to tingle and clench and my pulse pounds at the idea that he is intent on a disciplinary session that fits with my deepest desires.


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Ok - So How About That Cover? Amazon Gift Certificates to Win!

Two $10 Gift Certificates to Win!

I create my own covers for my books and I am always in a quandry over them. Most notably my Her Keeper e-serial cover. I created it on a whim, much as I created the short story that started my most popular series! I had other covers created, including the one I use on the complete book. 

I was scrolling through showing them to my daughter and she went,

 "Whoa, scroll back that's definitely the one."

 "Really?" I said

 "Oh Yeah." said hot and bothered newly-wed daughter.

 (She'd be mortified that I'm writing this, but as she refuses to join my circles, facebook etc I'm safe!)

Frankly the cover and the title embarrass me! When people ask I mumble the title and the cover brings a blush to my cheeks and not in the same way it did my daughter! I currently have a promo on Kindle Nation Daily and was thinking of replacing the cover before it ran. I didn't in the end and showed the post to my daughter.

 "Damn that cover. Too bad my husbands out of town."

 I thoroughly agree as I eagerly await the baby they're trying for! (Frustrated grandmother noises). Anyway this is just a silly preamble to my poll. What do you think of the cover? I'm offering two prizes a subscription to Kindle Unlimited or a $10 Gift Certificate for:

1. The best comment negative or positive. Making me laugh but still helpful works best
2. Would this make you buy the book or put you off?  Offer Alternative suggestions or words and or pics.

Looking forward to your comments.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Saturday Spankings - Her Keeper - Getting His Attention #satspanks #excerpt #freebooks #freepromo #herkeeper

 Hi Everyone,
My teaser this week is from my popular Her Keeper serial. Written in the first person from Rick and Sara's alternating POV, this excerpt is through Sara's eyes. At this point in the story, Rick has arrested Sara on the charge of Reckless Endangerment for dangerous driving.  He does not intend to follow through with the charge, but blazing mad with her for putting herself in so much danger, he is determined to teach her a lesson. After he subjects her to an invasive frisking, Sara tries to use his very evident desire for her to change his mind about the charge by pushing back against his erection.  She is mortified when his response to her awkward come on is to pick her up, put his foot on the bumper of her car and turn her over his raised knee…
Raising his hand again, he spanks me hard and swift, three times on each cheek, one right after the other, each smack harder than the next.  I yelp loudly after each blow, distressed at how much the short, quick spanking hurts, an indication of how angry he is with me. 
 “You think you can wriggle your hot little ass against my dick and I’ll ignore this; make it go away?  Huh – is that it?”
Giving full force to his anger, he spanks me five times on each cheek, a total of ten.  The spanking hurts so much that the psychological impact of the punishment overrides my desire and I feel like a naughty little girl instead of the sexual woman he was hot for moments before.  The feeling gives him an even more profound connection and power over me.  I feel powerless as I whimper and sob across his knee.
Great time to get this. For a limited time the first episode is free and Episode 2 and 4 are on FREE promo this weekend. Episode 2 on Saturday and Episode 4 on Sunday!


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Her Forbidden Spring - You've Been a Very Naughty Girl, Professor.

Hi All! My teaser today is from a short story I've been working on for a while, Her Forbidden Spring . It evolved from a 2000 wo...